Worst Campaign Season Ever

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Well, the Dems and their fellow travelers in the media wanted it to be all about protecting the young and the innocent when the Foley scandal was being pimped as the October surprise. But now it gets down to the wire and the young and the innocent are fair game, right? So long as they are the children of Republican political candidates.

From Wonkette , which now seems to be officially a gay website, and which is crowing that it got the smooch story pushed into the MSM. (Well, defnining MSM as a "nobody columnist from the Atlanta Commercial Appeal — but of course now all the MSM will pick up on it).

The justification for this? Well, of course, Republicans did it first (as they've noted the Ford clan seems to make most of its money as lobbyists), Republicans hate gays (no need to elaborate), and hypocrisy (about something or other).

As usual. The left apparently holds itself to very high standards, or rather they would, but they have to "get tough" against all these mean and racist and homnophobic attacks by Republicans.

The left tried desperately to paint the RNC-funded "Call me" video as racist. Ford himself said it was not. So now the response is to show a candidate's daughter kissing another girl and point the finger. Just like the left's propensity to portray enemies in blackface, it shows a complete and fundamental shallowness. They could not understand why Foley did not work as the big issue, they won't understand why this will not, either. Because they remain, at heart, ClueProof™.

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