Danger, Will Robinson, Danger

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Ah, the classics.

In hacker culture and in English-speaking society generally, this catch phrase currently serves as a facetious method to inform an associate that they are about to make a stupid mistake—that there’s a factor he or she overlooked which ought to be taken into account.

And so it is with the Kerry implosion. Kos is trying to shore up the walls, but he sees it. Andrew Sullivan sees it. The AMVETS are calling for an apology. Every, single blogger in the whole, wide world is slamming into this story.

And the Democrats just got shot, in the head, by a Democrat. And it is almost certainly too late to stop the damage now. If Kerry had apologized – at once – this would be a dead issue. Now it has legs.

This one will cost votes. The far left can try to deny it, they can lionize Kerry. But this one hurt the Democrats. The smart ones know it, I suspect.

UPDATE: The final word on the entire hooraw: Bulldove. Chester wins!

UPDATE: Okay, you really didn't think "Bulldove" was the last word, did you? (Even though it does enter the pantheon of super-ginormous-coined-words). The excrement has hit the air moving device as the first (of what will be many) Democratic candidates for office has canceled an appearance by John Kerry.

DES MOINES, Iowa A Democratic Congressional candidate from Iowa is canceling a campaign event later this week with Senator John Kerry.

Brucy Braley says Kerry's recent comments about the Iraq war were inappropriate.

Braley is running against Republican Mike Whalen in Iowa's First District congressional race. It's a contest considered to be one of the most competitive House races in the country.

Braley's decision to distance himself from Kerry came as a furor grew from comments Kerry made about the Iraq War during a campaign stop in California on Monday.

Kerry said if you make the most of your education, you "can do well." The Democrat went on to say that is you don't, (quote) "you get stuck in Iraq."

Major H/T to Leaning Straight Up for this one. Thanks.

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10 Responses to Danger, Will Robinson, Danger

  1. Black Jack says:

    Name that tune:

    “He’s the biggest fool to ever hit the big time, and all he’s got to do is act naturally.”

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  3. Uncle Fester says:

    I see the donk trolls haven’t got here yet, but they’re in full change-the-subject mode all over the blogosphere!

  4. The Donk trolls are having to work overtime. It seems like every blog on the planet has a mention of this.

    And in new developments another Dem flees the SS Kerry :

    In Minnesota, Meredith Salsbery, a spokeswoman for Tim Walz, the Democratic candidate in the 1st congressional district, said Kerry canceled an appearance with Walz slated for Wednesday in Mankato. “He wants to make sure the campaign is about the issues we’ve been talking about the last two years,” she said of Kerry’s decision. “It’s important to him that we are able to do that.”

    squeek, squeek, squeek………..

  5. Donna says:

    Dear God, let’s suppose, for argument’s sake, that Kerry, who had served in combat, actually did call the troops ‘stupid’ for being stuck in Iraq. If that was Kerry’s actual meaning , then he should be criticized for laying that label onto the troops, instead of where that label belongs. There is no question that it was and is the stupidity of the Bush administration decisionmakers, most of whom never served in combat, that got our troops stuck in Iraq.

    I have to borrow Uncle Fester’s statement above to describe what I see happening about this situation. Too weak to face the reality that numbers American deaths in Iraq is now surpassing the numbers who died at the hands of terrorists on 9/11, the supporters of our irresponsible President are “in full change-the-subject mode all over the blogosphere!’

    If you think this comment is unfair, please point me to any site in the Bush-supportive blogosphere that deals with the 100+ deaths of our soldiers in October. I think it is sad that your site, once so supportive of our troops, has avoided the matter of the increase in soldier deaths, but gives over lots of band-width to a pissing contest over words of Kerry.

  6. Why 100+ deaths in October? One reason is because the enemy _knows_ that people like you, Donna, will use it as a way to hand them victory.

    Should we have stopped our participation in WWII when the count went over the number llost at Pearl Harbor?

    Bah. L3.

  7. Donna says:

    Quilly needs a history lesson. Japan attacked us at Pearl Harbor. Iraq never attacked us.
    Huge difference there, but Quilly will never admit that those 100+ deaths are a fatal result of the Bush team’s faulty War on Terror decisions. Instead Quilly, like Bush, is too weak to take responsibility, or change course. That weakness leaves only a pathetic blame deflection.
    Tell me, Quilly, why the pre-emptive war invasion planners did not immediately give orders to secure the huge plastic explosives storage depots in Iraq, the very explosives which were hauled away in truckloads AFTER our troops camped beside them and. per orders, simply moved on to Baghdad, explosive that, to this day, are used to kill our soldiers. Answer that question, and maybe then we can get to your psych-ops argument about what is more responsible for our soldiers dying.

  8. Thanks for bringing up the plastic explosive. A type which is very brittle, yet very good for _casting_ shaped charges such as used to set off WMD. Of low effieciency for road side IEDs not much has actually been used in them. It’s so much easier to use an artillery shell, or more moldable “plastic” explosives. Such as is being provided by Iran. I know how to build IED anti-armor devices. I used to _teach_ it to be used against the Soviet Empire’s Hordes. What are _your_ qualifications?

    That plastic was also located, by Hans Blix’s boyz in a different location than where it was taken from. Saddam had _millions_ of tons of explosives scattered bout, 100 tons was a pittance.

    As for the rest of your claims about my posistion…how the hell would you know?

  9. WFI GUY says:

    The problem we have in Iraq is one of continuing U.S. Policy based on a public that no longer understands the nature of war. The problem with war is there is no such thing as “limited”. The first time we limited our military in a conflict (war – just not declared) was in Korea. What happened? China working in conjuction with the North Koreans handed us our ass. Fast forward to another peninsula in Asia. Limit our troops ability to fight, either by mandating restrictions on targets, or by muddling strategy from a political leadership, and you end up with loss. If we truly want to end the conflict in Iraq, then we need full commitment. Unfortunately, we as American’s no longer seem to have the stomach for it.

    6th Generation Military Veteran

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