Limousine Liberal Gets Latte’d

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It seems all is not smooth sailing for Barbara Streisand and her concert tour. She continues to have her George Bush imitator show up during the show to bore people to tears. Well, some people don't cry, they get angry. Last time she got heckled and told the heckler to "Shut the **** up". This time someone launched an unspecified beverage at her.

Barbra Streisand's politics didn't find a wholly agreeable crowd during her Monday concert at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise.

As Babs traded political barbs with a George W. Bush imitator, a fan of the songstress who apparently disagreed with her politics pelted her with a beverage. And as her anti-GOP riff ended, another man in the crowd found himself being escorted out of the center as he shouted at Streisand.

Streisand shrugged both incidents off, saying some people would do better to buy her records than come to her shows.

I know these folks like Streisand and the Dixie Chicks have a pathological need to force their opinions out onto their fans. Too bad they don't see that all they are doing is losing fans – they are not changing people's minds with their antics.

UPDATE: The AP has picked up the story.

Streisand's publicist, Dick Guttman, said a paper cup filled with some sort of liquid was thrown on stage but apparently did not hit Streisand during her second performance in this Fort Lauderdale suburb.

Streisand's manager, Martin Erlichman, said she shrugged off the incident and responded to the angry audience member by saying: "It's a free country and they're entitled to express their opinion."

It's at least the third time the skit, which includes a George W. Bush impersonator, has angered Streisand's audience. A heckler targeted her at the Philadelphia opening of her 20-city comeback tour, Guttman said, and Streisand made headlines with her response to a jeerer at Madison Square Garden last month.

Erlichman said Streisand, 64, believed the skit was in good fun and noted impersonator Steve Bridges, who wrote it, is a Republican.

Why does that sound familiar? Oh, yeah. Some of my best friends are…….

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