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Project Valour-IT

Untitled document Blue Crab Boulevard has joined the effort to raise money for Project Valour-IT. Being from an old Army family and having a son serving active duty in Iraq, this site is officially on the Army team. Which should … Continue reading

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Did Someone Say They Don’t Have A Plan?

Untitled document It turns out the Democrats do, indeed, have a plan for the first 100 seconds of the next session of Congress should they take control of the House. Internecine knife fights. As Democrats enter the final days of … Continue reading

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No Good Plans

Untitled document Peter Brookes, writing at Real Clear Politics, has a sobering look into the future at what Democratic control may bring to America's defense and foreign policies. It isn't a pretty picture. Many of these things have been mentioned … Continue reading

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Ponies For Everyone!

Untitled document I mentioned before the hyperventilation I see here on the comment threads and on other blogs. These are the commenters that say something to the effect that with a Democratic victory in Congress the nightmare will be over … Continue reading

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The Business Of Illegal Immigration

Untitled document Authorities in Arizona have broken up a very large operation that smuggled illegal immigrant into the United States from Mexico. 40 people have been arrested so far, while more are still being sought. This was a family run … Continue reading

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North Korea To Rejoin Six Party Talks

Untitled document Surprise: Bush's policies toward North Korea have struck pay dirt. China has announced that North Korea will return to the six party talks. They effectively caved in completely. Chinese, U.S. and North Korean envoys to the negotiations held … Continue reading

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Credibility Problem

Untitled document Why the Democrats have a credibility problem on national defense, part 2,578. John Kerry on America's soldiers: “You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you … Continue reading

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Untitled document Blog P.I. has an interesting analysis of the building rage in the netroots left over the imminent defeat of Ned Lamont. This is fun to read just to read the kind of frothing that is going on even before the election. … Continue reading

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Set Up

Untitled document Pat Santy gives voice to a very dark, but very plausible, scenario. All the cheerleading, hype and distraction may only be a setup for what is to come afterward in the election. We have seen headline after headline … Continue reading

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Enormous Development In MD Senate Race

Untitled document A group of black county officials from one on the most important counties in Maryland have broken with the Democratic party. The officials are backing Michael Steele in his bid for the US Senate seat in Maryland. This … Continue reading

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