Step Away From The Gator

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Ok, try and follow this: Cops make a drug bust. Cops confiscate drugs. Drug dealer apparently owed money to someone for the drugs. With the drugs gone, the dealer could not pay. So the creditor sent someone around to collect the debt. This did not help because the drug dealer had no money or drugs. So the collection agent took the next best thing.

The alligator.

"I think he was going to hold (the gator) for ransom, or something," Crawford County Sheriff Kirk Wakefield told the Traverse City Record-Eagle for a story Tuesday. "It's really weird."

The alleged gator-napping arose from a Sept. 25 drug bust at a house west of Frederic, a rural village 200 miles north of Detroit, Wakefield said.

Police confiscated a cache of drugs, including marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, crack cocaine and Ecstasy pills, plus $900 in cash and two handguns.

"Apparently the guys we took this from owed somebody for what we took," Wakefield said. "That somebody hired this guy to go get that money."

The drug dealers from southern Michigan hired Gary Lee Gugin, 39, to round up a couple thousand dollars from the house near Frederic, the sheriff said.

Just after midnight Sunday, "he walked inside with a sawed-off shotgun and said he was there to collect that money," Wakefield said.

Finding none, he took the gator instead, the sheriff said.

Deputies were dispatched to Gugin's home north of Frederic and found him unloading the alligator from his vehicle, Wakefield said.

Please tell me they got video of that arrest. Please? Can't you just see the deputies telling the guy to step away from the alligator?

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