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I Wasn’t Going To

Untitled document But I kind of feel like I have to write something about this sudden ruckus in Colorado. There has been a burst of media – and a blog storm – about Ted Haggard. I really know nothing about … Continue reading

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The November Surprise

Untitled document Courtesy of the New York Times. If what information I am getting right now is correct, there is a Drudge report that the NYT plans a surprise for tomorrow. As it shows right now on Drudge: NYT REPORTING … Continue reading

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Socially Acceptable

Untitled document Well, at least now we know what the president of the University of Pennsylvania considers appropriate attire at her annual Halloween bash. It will be a relief for those people who have been hiding those costumes they thought … Continue reading

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Amber Alert!

Untitled document Spread the word! Amber alert! Tweet

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Terrorist Survey Says: Vote Democrat

Untitled document Yeah, like Allah says, I'm sure there will be shrieks from some folks that it is just plain mean to point this stuff out. But it should be pointed out. Terrorists, hardline Iranian mullahs and other warmhearted folk … Continue reading

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Now THAT’S Security

Untitled document A 25 year old Polish burglar pulled up to a partially built new house in the city of Gliwice with the intent of robbing it. That's when his luck ran out. It seems that there was a security … Continue reading

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Dishonest, Dishonorable And Unworthy

Untitled document I read things like this and I wonder how someone can go through life so educated and yet be so blind. The Massachusetts Democrat apologized for his statement yesterday, but he needn't have, because he said nothing to … Continue reading

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Mexican Forces Assault Last Leftist Stronghold

Untitled document It appears that Mexican forces have launched an all-out assault on the university in Oaxaca that was the last redoubt of the leftists who have been destroying that city. Mark in Mexico has the details. H/T to Adirondack … Continue reading

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Valour-IT Reminder – Make It Happen!

Untitled document Project Valour-IT works to give voice-activated computers to wounded American troops. There is a friendly competition between backers of the four branches of service to see who can reach their goals the fastest. Those of us on the … Continue reading

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Steele Surges

Untitled document Michael Steele has closed in on Democratic candidate Benjamin Cardin with the latest poll showing a 6 point gap between the two. Absolute numbers are always chancy, but seem to be especially so this year, so it is … Continue reading

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Weird Season

Untitled document In what may be the oddest thing to come out in this horrible election cycle, the Republican running to replace the disgraced Mark Foley is running a very, very strong race. Even though this comes from the New … Continue reading

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Mexican Authorities Still Trying To Calm Oaxaca

Untitled document The Mexican forces dispatched to Oaxaca are still trying to gain control and are slowly asserting themselves in more areas of the city. But the artisans who rely on tourists to buy their goods are in serious trouble. … Continue reading

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The New York Times And An Outright Lie

Untitled document This is, as Patterico says, an absolute jaw-dropper. This is not a distortion. This is not using slanted or loaded language. This is not selective reporting of only the facts you want out there. This is not even … Continue reading

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Virginia Senate

Untitled document Ed Morrisey has a series of still photos that were taken just prior to the video of Mike Stark getting taken to the floor after attempting to charge George Allen. The pictures show Stark assaulting someone who appears … Continue reading

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The More Things Change

Untitled document Robert Kagan, writing in the Washington Post,  reminds America and the world not of the differences between our political parties, but about the actually quite astounding continuity of American foreign policy over the years. There is much in … Continue reading

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