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Vote For Me…..

Untitled document ….or you will get a horrible disease and die in the most hideous manner known to man. No, seriously, that is the message in this ad (go over to Townhall (MK Ham) to watch it). This is some pretty … Continue reading

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Let’s Have Some Waffles!

Untitled document Hungry? Head on down to the Waffle House. They have all the basic things you need. Waffles, eggs, bacon and nude people, too! NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Customers at a west Nashville Waffle House restaurant were in shock Friday … Continue reading

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Untitled document I don't think they intended it to be this way, but the Washington Post has an article that actually displays a certain poignancy about George Bush's last campaign swing. Win or lose, this is his last hurrah on … Continue reading

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Off To The Races

Untitled document While our incredibly foolish internal politics, increasingly driven by an increasingly unhinged left focuses on sideshows and the carnival barkers touting the distractions fumble toward election day, the rest of the world watches and realizes we are in … Continue reading

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What Apology?

Untitled document Texas Rainmaker has the proof that Kerry didn't mean that apology. It comes from John Kerry. But I already noted that the excuse-as-apology wasn't – and would never be – accepted. UPDATE: But then, some people are crazy … Continue reading

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Untitled document So, unemployment drops to a five year low. More people are working than ever. But what's the focus? Not on that. Oh, it is being reported, but there is almost no interest in it. Unemployment dropped to its … Continue reading

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A Fundamental Misunderstanding

Untitled document The reporter (and editors) who decided to break a story about Ted Haggard based only on the word of a gay hooker broke a fundamental rule of journalism. (I tried to explain this to a commenter earlier). It does … Continue reading

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New Aussie Reactor

Untitled document The Australians have reached a milestone in the inauguration of a new research reactor needed to produce radioisotopes for medical purposes. The Reactor reached full temperature and produced 20MW (thermal). AT 11.45am yesterday, Australia's new nuclear research reactor … Continue reading

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Untitled document Want proof that the New York Times made a major mistake with its "November surprise?" revelation about Iraq's nuclear program? The wire services are ignoring it. Nothing at all on the Yahoo News page. Nothing. No coverage. There … Continue reading

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Political Coercion

Untitled document Well, it should be pretty apparent exactly how (T)Hugo Chavez plans to win the upcoming presidential election in Venezuela. By coercion. CARACAS, Venezuela – Opponents of President Hugo Chavez released a video Thursday showing Venezuela's oil minister urging … Continue reading

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Some People Take Politics….

Untitled document ….Much, much too seriously. Really 'way too much. ATHENS (AFP) – Politics and sex don't always mix well — at least in Greece, where a survey has showed that Greeks seem to lose their sexual drive just before … Continue reading

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Untitled document The ever left-leaning Guardian, working with other left-leaning newspapers, publishes the results of a poll that show that the Brits think that George Bush is a greater threat to the world than Kim Jong Il. It exposes high … Continue reading

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A Street Lamp Named Escape

Untitled document Ok, it ain't exactly Tennessee Williams, more like the Three Stooges, but it was a fun play on the title of that famous play. A Bosnian man serving a seven year sentence in an Austrian prison for burglary … Continue reading

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On Being Stupid

Untitled document Big yucks all around. Some people think it's really funny pointing fake guns at people, like a certain unstable fellow up in Maine. Or someone invited as a guest to the president of the University of Pennsylvania. Or … Continue reading

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Falling ACORNs

Untitled document The Opinion Journal weighs in on voter IDs and the recent indictment of some of the folks working for ACORN on voter fraud charges. Despite the screech and spin from the people who oppose voter ID requirements, there … Continue reading

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