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A Dog That Did Not Bark

Untitled document I have not seen this on any wire service. Via the Times of London: A retired priest committed suicide by setting himself on fire in a German monastery in protest at the spread of Islam and the Protestant Church’s … Continue reading

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DoD Responds To Gannett Times

Untitled document The left is making much of the editorial from the Army/Navy/Air Force/Marine Times that was sent to the major media on Friday before being published in the aforementioned "Times". Now I have been linked by a left blog … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday

Untitled document The US Navy Blue Angels turned 60 this year. They are celebrating with an air show in Pensacola, Florida on November 10-11th. "In your last 30 seconds coming aboard a carrier, you have levels of concentration, and in … Continue reading

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It’s Official: Support Chavez Or Starve

Untitled document (T)Hugo Chavez has gone on the offensive against the leaked video tape of one of his cronies warning oil workers that they had better be loyal to Chavez. He's confirmed that this is indeed the case and that … Continue reading

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Stark Raving

Untitled document Well, you really didn't think you'd heard the last of Mike Stark did you? He's the person who assaulted people, pushing them out of the way to try to confront George Allen with a bogus blogosphere rumor. He … Continue reading

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Wild Cards?

Untitled document AJ Strata actually sees some things that may very well spell some surprises for election day. It seems absentee voting is very, very heavy (mokus, the artist formerly known as Black Jack, had noted the same thing in … Continue reading

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We Win Or You Cheated

Untitled document Michael Graham points out that line of reasoning being spoken openly by Robert Kuttner in the Boston Globe. It's the kind of logic that has been building in the press lately. That's liberal Robert Kuttner's claim in today's … Continue reading

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27 Years Ago Today

Untitled document Iranian "students" stormed the United States embassy in Tehran, Iran. For the next 444 days, the inept handling of the situation kept Americans in captivity. We have been paying for that inept response ever since. Thanks, Jimmy. Tweet

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The Gift That Won’t Go Away

Untitled document That would be John Kerry. There is still buzz about this because of the posting of the Seattle P-I editorial on his website, of course. The fool simply will not shut his pie hole, which I am quite … Continue reading

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Political Vermin

Untitled document The British parliament. Home to generation upon generation of political vermin. Those who break the rules and customs and do the unthinkable: crossing the aisle to the opposition. Heinous in every way in Britain and sure to bring … Continue reading

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Oaxaca University Occupied By Leftists

Untitled document It seems that the big offensive against the leftists holed up in the university in Oaxaca failed. The Mexican forces were driven back when confronted with superior numbers and increased violence. OAXACA, Mexico – Masked men patrol the … Continue reading

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Embarrassingly Bigfoot

Untitled document 9/11 truthers are not the first people to bring embarrassment to the institutions that employ them. There are others in tenured positions that cause discomfort for their colleagues. Jeffrey Meldrum of Idaho State University is one such person. … Continue reading

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Out On A Limb

Untitled document Dean Barnett offers a completely different view of the election than what the conventional wisdom says will happen. When I say different, I mean really different. I don't know if I'm that confident, but I still think there … Continue reading

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Historical Perspective

Untitled document Charles Moore, writing in the Telegraph has a perspective on what the outcome of the politics of personal destruction can lead to. The desperate attempts to blame the other party and especially the head of that party can … Continue reading

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Mixed Signals

Untitled document Jay Cost, over at Real Clear Politics has a very interesting post up about voter registrations. A new study by Curtis Gans of American University's Center for the Study of the American Electorate has some extremely surprising information … Continue reading

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