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Untitled document I have never been one to watch college football. It has never been all that big a deal to me. I have been a professional football fan ever since my then brother-in-law got me hooked on watching the … Continue reading

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Major News

Untitled document According to this article, the latest Pew Research poll confirms that this election just made a very, very sharp break toward the Republicans. I cannot access Pew right now – the server appears to be down. This is … Continue reading

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Last Chance To Not Be Another Cuba

Untitled document There was a huge – and I mean huge – march of the political opposition for (T)Hugo Chavez in Caracas. This march was twelve mile long. If the election is fair (doubtful, unfortunately) then Chavez might well lose … Continue reading

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Oaxaca Still Chaotic

Untitled document Leftists again took to the streets and marched in protest against the Mexican forces trying to restore order in the embattled city. At this point, there is probably very little popular support for these people, but they continue to … Continue reading

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Worst Endorsement Ever

Untitled document This is possibly the funniest thing I have read in this entire election cycle. This is absolutely the most powerful damnation by extremely faint praise I have ever read. John Murtha got the "endorsement" of the Johnstown Tribune-Democrat. … Continue reading

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How To Vote

Untitled document No, I am not telling people who to vote for. This is about how to go about it if you have trouble at the polls. The important thing is that it both a right and a duty for … Continue reading

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Fraud Writ Large

Untitled document I did not comment on this when it came out, but it needs to be spread far and wide. Vanity Fair issued a press release saying that a lot of "Neocon" Iraq war supporters now were against the … Continue reading

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Me(di)a Culpa?

Untitled document Bruce Kesler at Democracy Project has an interesting roundup of several media outlets suddenly acting almost contrite for their slanted and one-sided news coverage on this election to date. Is it because they realize it may not be … Continue reading

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An Inconvenient Voice

Untitled document Christopher Monckton writes an article in the Sunday Telegraph that will surely get a mob with pitchforks and torches forming up near his house. Because he simply tears apart much of the UN data that is used to … Continue reading

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Dead Deer Stabs Man

Untitled document Texas appears to have an outbreak of zombie deer. A man hit a buck with his pickup truck. When he got out to check the damage and clear the wreckage of the dead deer off the road, he … Continue reading

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Politically Inept, Politically Dead

Untitled document Newsweek declares John "Broken Hat" Kerry politically dead. Following close on the heels of the Associated Press and its story that pretty well discounted Kerry's non-apology, this indicates the media will not help him at all if he … Continue reading

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Be Very Afraid

Untitled document The animal uprising's air force – the birds – have unleashed the most terrible weapon yet. This one should strike fear into the hearts of every human on the planet. This is the mother of all terror weapons. Flammable bird … Continue reading

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The Bad Example

Untitled document Jules Crittenden from the Boston Herald examines life in the wilderness. Being a conservative in Massachusetts has to be a very, very difficult existence. But it does have one bright side: But to view the national stage from … Continue reading

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“Tom DeLay In A Liberal Skirt”

Untitled document Debra Saunder's description of Nancy Pelosi, posted over at Real Clear Politics. Her column examines Pelosi's record and what a future with her as speaker looks like. SAN FRANCISCO — It is a sign of how out-of-touch San … Continue reading

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“I Cannot Spare This Man – He Fights”

Untitled document President Abraham Lincoln once said those words in response to criticism of Ulysses S. Grant. Much the same can be said of Rudy Giuliani (in fact, The Anchoress once said exactly that). Today Giuliani has a column up … Continue reading

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