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Going South

Untitled document This is a very, very interesting piece from the New York Times. It stinks out loud of some serious butt-covering for the Paper of Record(ed Democratic cheerleading). It seems like, all of a sudden that tsunami of The … Continue reading

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Oh, Hell.

Untitled document And here I thought Rick over at The Real Ugly American was my friend. Then he goes and tags me with one of those blogosphere "tag" games. So you know you have reached middle age when……? – You … Continue reading

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The Very Force That Holds The Universe Together

Untitled document And yet another reason why you should seriously doubt much of the "science" being reported in the media today. Whether it is the headline-grabbing headlines of starving polar bears or the screeches about carcinogenic chicken, there is much in … Continue reading

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There Is No Ship In Second

Untitled document If you are a conservative who plans to sit out tomorrow's election to "teach the Republicans a lesson", there is something you need to read. If you are a Republican who is so disgruntled with your own party … Continue reading

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Here’s A Shocker

Untitled document John Murtha lies. Which I suppose is not real news to anyone who has followed what he spouts, but the Real Clear Politics blog caught him in a big one. This time it is telling people that the … Continue reading

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Four Wheel Drive

Untitled document The animal uprising has taken another truly ugly turn with the news that yet another freak genetically engineered creature has been developed by the evil animals. Not content with four wheel drive chickens, they have now unleashed the … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal

Untitled document The Daily Mail is getting a collective case of knotsinshortsitus over starving polar bears, claiming that global warming is delaying the bears starting their annual orgy of seal slaughter. Now, the seals are not in the least upset by … Continue reading

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The Absolute Moral Authority Card

Untitled document Need a laugh? Too much pressure on you in the run-up to the election? How about some photoshops to pass a little time with? Hot Air has them. UPDATE: Anyone who didn't see this one coming hasn't been … Continue reading

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Alligator Arsonists Torch Tourist Trap

Untitled document One of the oldest tourist traps in Florida suffered severe damage when a fire roared through it today. The 57 year old Gatorland has been pretty well gutted by the early morning blaze. Fire crews were still extinguishing … Continue reading

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Rats. He’s On To Us.

Untitled document Darn it, Uri Geller, why'd you have to rat us out like that? You aren't supposed to tell people about all the awesome powers we have stashed in odd corners all over the Crabitat. Israeli-born celebrity psychic Uri … Continue reading

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Castro Not Expected Back Any Time Soon

Untitled document Cuban officials have now backed away from a prediction that Fidel Castro would be back in charge of Cuba by early December. In other words, he's still dead or dying. HAVANA – Cuba's foreign minister backed away Monday … Continue reading

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Vote Counting Begins

Untitled document Ohio has begun counting absentee ballots early after a judge ruled that it would be acceptable. County election officials had sought permission to start scanning the ballots due to the huge volume of absentee ballots received this year. … Continue reading

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Not Smooth Sailing

Untitled document They tried pulling the USS Intrepid out of her berth today. The voyage went about 15 feet before the ship stuck fast in the mud. The attempt has been stopped for the day as the tide began to … Continue reading

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Intentionally Eroding Public Support

Untitled document James Wilson has a long piece in the Opinion Journal today that analyzes the media coverage of the Iraq war by looking at the coverage of the Vietnam war. The results are about what you'd expect with a … Continue reading

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This Means War

Untitled document John, over at Argghhh! has launched an assault on Cassandra at Villainous Company. I would not want to be in his shoes, paybacks will be harsh and without mercy! But it is all in good fun (I hope … Continue reading

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