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On The Bright Side

Untitled document The job of blogging for the right side of the blogosphere just got easier. The first segment comes from “The Situation Room.” If you missed the story about the Military Times editorials, read Bryan’s post. You’ll need that … Continue reading

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“Why Do You Want To Do It?”

Untitled document The beginning of a series of quite short posts on how to write. John Baker has a number of posts on the craft of writing that are worth reading. It won't take you a very long time if you're actually thinking … Continue reading

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A Question Of Timing

Untitled document Frankly, Ed Morrisey raises some very good points about the Rumsfeld resignation. He also points out something that worries me. However, the timing of this move seems ludicrous. Just two weeks ago, Bush riled up the electorate by … Continue reading

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Leftist Battle Cry: Death To Burger King!

Untitled document Mark in Mexico reports on the latest in leftist logic. The leftists who have occupied the university in Oaxaca decided to strike a blow against "multinationals". So they attacked and destroyed the local Burger King. Which was a … Continue reading

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What A Load Of…..

Untitled document ….Heat. An Iowa man is hoping to market the invention he has been working on for around twelve years or so. He calls it 'Nature's Furnace' and it is fueled by nature. Or a by-product of nature. It … Continue reading

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Google: ‘Fun And Interesting’ Worm Sent Out!

Untitled document If you happen to subscribe to the Google Video Blog group, you'll want to run your antivirus software. Because the blog group, used to notify people of 'fun and interesting' videos sent out the 'fun and interesting' Kama … Continue reading

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A View From Britain

Untitled document Janet Daley, writing in the Telegraph, takes a look at what the election was – and what it was not. These elections clearly were a referendum on the Bush presidency, but they were about more than the conduct … Continue reading

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What You’re Not Seeing

Untitled document I've looked at a number of sites I visit fairly regularly on the right side of the sphere and there is one thing that I am, thankfully, not seeing. I haven't seen anyone saying the election was stolen. … Continue reading

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Choose A Line

Untitled document And stand in it. Eject! Eject! Eject! has some words about the election. Tweet

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Democratic Party Victory Endorsed!

Untitled document Ringing endorsements are coming in from around the globe on the Democratic party election victory. And what a proud group of folks think it's just peachy. "Of course, the citizens of the United States are humans with a … Continue reading

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Rumsfeld Resigns

Untitled document Donald Rumsfeld has resigned as Secretary of Defense. Word came a day after the Democratic gains in the election, in which Rumsfeld was a focus of much of the criticism of the Iraq war. Officials said Robert Gates, … Continue reading

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Transit Of Mercury Today

Untitled document The planet Mercury will appear to move across the face of the sun today in a very rare astronomical event. But Mercury is also scheduled to make a most unusual – albeit brief – appearance on Nov. 8. … Continue reading

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Do Those Kids Look Weird To You?

Untitled document Authorities in Pakistan got a report that something wasn't quite right about one privately run primary school that was receiving government funding. It seems the kids there were really funny looking. In fact, they looked like chickens. So-called ghost … Continue reading

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“While The Nutroots Are Fervent, They Are Also Cheap”

Untitled document The Bull Moose weighs in on the Lieberman victory in Connecticut. And he is having a LOT of fun with it. Yes, there is justice. Joe took a brave stand by putting country before party. Despite the fevered … Continue reading

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Nuts Escaping!

Untitled document Nuts in the news. It seems there is a growing problem with nutjackings. Or nutnapping. Or something like that. FRESNO, Calif. – At first, Larry Ladd just let it go. But after the farmer caught six thieves plundering … Continue reading

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