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Beggar’s Night

Untitled document When I was growing up, Halloween was the official night for trick-or-treating. Regardless of what day of the week Halloween fell on, you went out to gather the tribute. That was the night you went around the neighborhood wearing … Continue reading

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AP Trumpets Mehlman Will Step Down

Untitled document The Associated Press has just released a story saying Ken Mehlman will step down at the end of his term and will not seek to extend his tenure in the  job as head of the RNC. WASHINGTON – Republican … Continue reading

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Politics Of Personal Destruction

Untitled document The sliming can't just end at the election apparently. The hate-filled left has to try to indulge itself in still more personal destruction. In yet another attempted "outing" the extremely un-funny "comic" Bill Maher went on Larry King … Continue reading

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MI5 Tracking 30 Terror Plots In Britain

Untitled document The head of the British intelligence service MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, gave a speech in which she warned that the agency is currently tracking some 30 terrorism plots in Britain. Some 1,600 individuals are being watched. Even the … Continue reading

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General Court Martial For Watada To Proceed

Untitled document The commanding officer at Fort Lewis, Washington has recommended that general court martial proceedings be started against LT Ehren Watada. Two charges have been specified, missing movement and conduct unbecoming. A third charge, contempt towards officials was dropped … Continue reading

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Keeping An Eye On Cassini

Untitled document Apparently, the planet Saturn is keeping an eye on NASA's Cassini probe. A freaky storm two-thirds the diameter of Earth and unlike anything ever seen has been spotted on Saturn. The tempest, some 5,000 miles wide (8,000 kilometers), … Continue reading

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Allen Concedes In Virginia

Untitled document Senator George Allen, displaying a class and grace that should shame Al Gore, has conceded defeat rather than subject the state of Virginia to endless recount and recriminations. ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Republican Sen. George Allen has conceded defeat … Continue reading

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Declaring The Blue Crab Republic

Untitled document Attention, please! The new home of the Blue Crab Republic is almost ready. The brand, spanking new island is rising from the sea near the island of Vava'u, part of the Northern Tongan island group. A YACHT sailing out of … Continue reading

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Your Tax Collectors Are What?

Untitled document The City of Patna, the capital of Bihar state in India, has been having a great deal of trouble collecting taxes. So much so that their revenue has dropped from an expected 700 million rupees ($15.2 million) per … Continue reading

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Calling All Jarheads!

Untitled document The Marine Corps gets their very own museum. Located in Quantico, Virginia, the brand new and very large museum uses all the latest cutting edge technology to tell the story of the Corps. QUANTICO, Va. – From the … Continue reading

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They’re Coming To Get Us!

Untitled document They're coming! Be afraid, be very afraid. The aliens are coming to invade Britain. No, really, that's what the former head of the British Ministry of Defence UFO project said. Honest. Britain is "wide open" to alien visitors … Continue reading

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Escape The Rat Race

Untitled document The Hebridean island  of Canna off the coast of Scotland is looking for some new blood. They are offering two buildings for rent to new families willing to make a radical change in their lifestyle. They're getting applicants from … Continue reading

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Two Ways Of Handing Yourself

Untitled document Gracefully: This has been a long campaign, and a hard one. But every day was made a bit easier by the knowledge that we were not alone — that there were people like you out there, doing work … Continue reading

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About Trial Balloons

Untitled document I had a sneaking suspicion that there were trial balloons being floated in the press before the election. It appears I was correct in my thinking. Greyhawk found the evidence. He also has his take on why Rumsfeld … Continue reading

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Alert The Darwin Awards!

Untitled document This guy has got to be a contender for an honorable mention in the Darwin Awards. He is still alive, so he can't get top honors, but he appears to have given it the old college try. It … Continue reading

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