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Oh, Canada

Untitled document IT seems like every few days you read of another city that has banned the smoking of cigarettes in public places. Bans on smoking in bars, at companies, attempts to get it banned even on the streets are … Continue reading

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Perfect Storm?

Untitled document Michael Totten warns that the situation in Lebanon is deteriorating rapidly. This has largely passed under the notice of American media and the chattering classes who are so swept up in worrying about American politics (I am not … Continue reading

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Left Attacks Pelosi

Untitled document Funniest thing yet. The folks at CREW have unleashed an attack on Nancy Pelosi for throwing her support to John "unindicted co-conspirator" Murtha. They are pissed, bigtime. Washington, DC – Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) … Continue reading

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Really Bad Choice

Untitled document Of people to try to rob. A Knox County commissioner known for his pro-gun stance says he aborted an armed robbery at his car dealership Saturday with the aid of his .380-caliber pistol. Greg "Lumpy" Lambert, who represents … Continue reading

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Goats Gambol In Gardens, Welsh Wardens Whack

Untitled document Wales, home of largely unpronounceable words and great groups of goats. Or there used to be great groups, now they gotten the local council worried enough to send someone out on a great goatwhacking expedition. It seems the … Continue reading

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Honeymoon’s Over

Untitled document So says Mike Allen at Time Magazine. The leadership battle that Nancy Pelosi injected herself into may be a lose-lose situation for her according to a number of Democratic party insiders. She risks wither losing her first leadership … Continue reading

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Giuliani Is In

Untitled document Rudy Giuliani has formed his own exploratory committee, following by a few days the announcement that John McCain was doing so. The former mayor filed papers to create the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Exploratory Committee, Inc., establishing a panel … Continue reading

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A Whiter Shade Of Pleading

Untitled document We skipped the light fandango turned cartwheels 'cross the floor I was feeling kinda seasick but the crowd called out for more The room was humming harder as the ceiling flew away When we called out for another … Continue reading

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More Moose Madness

Untitled document Drunken moose terrorizes small school in Sweden! "That could be the problem. We could be dealing with a boozy elk," Jan Caiman, a police officer in Molndal, told the national news agency TT. The elk was probably eating fermented … Continue reading

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Jukebox Hero

Untitled document Is the only instrument you are able to play the air guitar? Have you been frustrated because pantomiming out a song pretending to play a guitar just not artistically satisfying? Well, relief is at hand! Australian researchers have invented … Continue reading

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“Realists Deny Reality,”…..

Untitled document …."and embrace an ideology where talk is productive and governments are sincere." So writes Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute in today's Opinion Journal. His op-ed is a stark look at the inconsistency of the "progressives" and "realists". … Continue reading

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More Knife Fighting Details

Untitled document As I noted yesterday, the internecine knife fighting is going on over the House leadership positions. Today's Washington Post expands of the brief announcement yesterday that Nancy Pelosi had chosen to back John Murtha for Majority Leader. But … Continue reading

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What Year Is It?

Untitled document Reasoning by historical analogy is always problematic, but Brendan Miniter tries his hand at it in today's Opinion Journal. He points to two pivotal years in American politics 1952 and 1954 and wonder if the election last week … Continue reading

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The Illegal Immigration Bomb

Untitled document The Washington Post points out another issue that has the serious potential for damaging the Democrats – illegal immigration. While election results were very mixed on this issue with a number of people who ran on anti-illegal immigration … Continue reading

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Poll Results

Untitled document A post-election poll that Reuters just released says many of the social goals the Dems ran on are important to Americans. But there are very large warning flags for the Democrats in the results as well. While a … Continue reading

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