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Should We Start A Pool?

Untitled document This is very, very funny. What if certain very corrupt members of the United States Senate started being named for accepting bribes by a man convicted of bribery? What if those Senators were part of the leadership of the … Continue reading

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A “Duh” Moment

Untitled document 57 % of people polled do not think the Democrats have a coherent plan on what to do with Iraq. While voters in Election Day surveys said corruption and scandal in Congress was one of the most important … Continue reading

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Border Wars

Untitled document I said earlier this year that the first political party to get it right on border security would win the election. Of course, there were other factors that came into play over the course of the election. But … Continue reading

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New Blog, New Blogger, Familiar Name

Untitled document Jules Crittenden, city editor and columnist for the Boston Herald is someone I have linked to on a fair number of occasions. Well he's taken the big leap and has joined the ranks of bloggers. His blog is … Continue reading

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Jihad Rock

Untitled document The album of the year. Not available in stores. This will blow Zamfir out of the market. Probably in a literal sense. Tweet

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Blogworld & New Media Expo

Untitled document I've actually known the outline of this for some time, but was sworn to secrecy. My good friend Rick over at The Real Ugly American has been working like mad to pull a brand new, world-class event for … Continue reading

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We Expect People To Thank Us For This

Untitled document We here at the Crabitat are justly famous for our timely reporting of the most important news, relentless follow through and all around fabulous advice. Not that we'd brag or anything. But this one story, we believe, should earn … Continue reading

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Peg Leg Pilferage

Untitled document I got a girl, her name is Peg She looks kind of pretty but she's got a wooden leg She's got a leg shaped like the leg of a chair But when it comes to dancing, no one … Continue reading

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Outright Fraud Exposed

Untitled document It seems that one of the photos that bloggers questioned early on in the Israeli-Hezbollah war was, indeed, a fraud. And one that was perpetrated by the editors, according to the photographer who took the pictures. All our suspicions … Continue reading

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Murtha Throws A Tantrum

Untitled document Allah has the details. In its schadenfreudean hilarity it is, quite simply, sublime: “I am disconcerted that some are making headlines by resorting to unfounded allegations that occurred 26 years ago. I thought we were above this type … Continue reading

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Senate Democrats Pick Leaders

Untitled document The incoming Democratic majority has already picked their leaders. Harry Reid, as expected will be the Majority Leader. When the 110th Congress convenes in January, Sen. Richard Durbin of Illinois will be Reid's deputy as the vote-counting majority … Continue reading

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When Snakes Are Outlawed….

Untitled document ….Only outlaws will have snakes. An Australian man tried a novel approach to trying to escape a drunk driving charge. He took a snake hostage, apparently. The driver in the outback Northern Territory was stopped on Saturday night … Continue reading

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Plutonium, Enriched Uranium Found In Iran

Untitled document The IAEA has discovered traces of plutonium and enriched uranium where they should not have been in a waste facility in Iran. They have asked for an explanation. Yeah, that'll work. VIENNA, Austria – International Atomic Energy experts … Continue reading

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Unforced Error

Untitled document That's what Ed Morrisey calls the decision by Nancy Pelosi to jump into the House Majority Leader battle by publicly backing John Murtha. And none other than Charles Rangel has publicly and openly broken with Pelosi on this. … Continue reading

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Speeding Ahead

Untitled document Iran's president announced that he hopes to hold a celebration of the completion of Iran's nuclear program this year. "With the wisdom and resistance of the nation, today our position has stabilized. I'm very hopeful that we will … Continue reading

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