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Untitled document Wow. Just wow. Just read it. Tweet

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Well, Maybe Not Exactly

Untitled document The trial balloons have been flying so thick and heavy that they formed a veritable eclipse of the sun. The media was thumping the drum that there would be dialog with Iran and Syria. It got to be … Continue reading

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Ladies And Gentlemen! We Have A Contender!

Untitled document This guy is firmly in the running for Genius of the Year®, Criminal Mastermind of the Year™ AND honorable mention in the Darwin Awards! A man gets into a dispute over some stereo speakers. So, the genius decides … Continue reading

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We Told You

Untitled document But did you believe us? Oh, no. You think we're being humorous about the Animal Uprising™. You think it's all one big laugh. We told you about the terror on the Triborough earlier today. Now, from New Jersey … Continue reading

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Chuck For King

Untitled document Well, if anyone really believed the "bipartisan" meme that the Democrats peddled before the election, here's the story that should disabuse them once and for all. Chuckles Schumer has flat out promised Bush will not get any more … Continue reading

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Politics, Politics

Untitled document So, Trent Lott is back in a leadership role in the Senate, this time as minority whip. This has a lot of folks on the right side of the 'sphere a bit upset. Since a lot of them … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Food Chain

Untitled document I get a kick out of stories like this one: It seems birdwatchers in Eastern Scotland were all atwitter (pun intended) when they spotted a very rare bird. The red-rumped swallow is not native to Britain but one … Continue reading

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The Sky Is Falling – Whoops, Too Late

Untitled document It already did. A group of maverick scientists are seriously challenging the conventional wisdom that says massive comet or meteor strikes on the earth are fairly rare events that only happen every 500,000 to one million years. Instead … Continue reading

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The Truth Of The Lies

Untitled document Holman Jenkins writes in the Opinion Journal about two stories that the New York Times peddled recently that raise grave questions about exactly how truthful the Paper of Record(ed Democratic talking points) actually is in the field of … Continue reading

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Terrorist Turkey Terminates Traffic

Untitled document In what we here at Blue Crab Boulevard believe was a dry run for the real takeover planned for – what else – Thanksgiving day, a turkey tied up traffic on the Triborough bridge in New York yesterday. … Continue reading

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Get A Dog

Untitled document Harry Truman is credited with creating the maxim "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog". Which could lead to some humorous comparisons if I was inclined to be snarky about this. But Joe Lieberman walked … Continue reading

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Ahmadinejad Issues Orders To Democrats

Untitled document AFP buries it to the bottom of a story on Iran's latest announcements on their nuclear plans. Those plans are quite chilling enough, mind you. Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad informed the world yesterday that they intend to put 60,000 … Continue reading

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What Time Is It?

Untitled document Time to spend insane amounts of money for a watch apparently. GENEVA (AFP) – A 1952 Patek Philippe bracelet-watch fetched a record 1.38 million euros (1.77 million dollars) during a Sotheby's auction in Geneva. Estimated at between 408,000 … Continue reading

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Leonid Meteor Shower This Weekend

Untitled document Astronomers are predicting a heavy Leonid meteor shower this weekend. They are predicting up to 150 meteors per hour, a very strong shower, indeed. A brief surge of activity is expected begin around 11:45 p.m. ET Saturday, Nov. … Continue reading

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Terribly Naïve

Untitled document Before the election, Democrats, led by the far left, informed us in no uncertain terms that the small parade of retired generals who were denouncing Donald Rumsfeld had Absolute Moral Authority™ and must be listened to. Now that … Continue reading

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