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You Made Me Love You!

Untitled document You made me love you I didn't want to do it, I didn't want to do it You made me love you and all the time you knew it I guess you always knew it. You made me … Continue reading

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Not Good

Untitled document An American citizen of Ethiopian descent was arrested at the Detroit airport after arriving from Amsterdam. He had a very large amount of money ($78,000) and a laptop computer. But no power source for the computer. What really … Continue reading

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Untitled document Time and experience gives perspective on many things. What seemed to be the very end of the world when you are 14-years of age becomes laughable when you are 18. It is hard to even remember when you … Continue reading

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Are You Really Sure You Want This Job?

Untitled document I posted about Segolene Royal winning the Socialist party nomination for president of France. Now comes this item from American Thinker. Thomas Lifson takes a look at the financial destruction that the Airbus A-380 debacle is causing in … Continue reading

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Wecome To The Super-Ate Motel

Untitled document Every room equipped with cable television, vibrating bed, hot showers and cold-blooded reptiles. GREENSBORO, N.C. – Authorities trying to serve an arrest warrant at a motel instead found some sharp-toothed guests. U.S. marshals and High Point police found … Continue reading

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A Socialist Named Royal

Untitled document Kind of an ironic combination, isn't it? Segolene Royal has won the Socialist party's nomination for president of France. She rather handily beat out two challengers, apparently and will stand in the next election. Interestingly, her win was … Continue reading

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Off To A Very Bad Start

Untitled document So says none other than Stuart Rothenberg guesting at Taegan Goddard's Political Wire in discussing the first harsh loss by Nancy Pelosi. It is a pretty devastating assessment by someone who knows a bit about politics. Yes, I … Continue reading

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Houdini Hound

Untitled document A greyhound, aptly named Harry, is the Animal Uprising's new secret weapon. Because Harry is no ordinary dog, no, siree. He's done the unthinkable and mastered the only thing that has kept dogs from taking over up until … Continue reading

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Good News! More Seals!

Untitled document The United States Geological Survey has released a report that indicates that there are fewer polar bear cubs surviving in the Southern Beaufort Sea area of Alaska. Not only that, but those that are surviving have smaller skull … Continue reading

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Murtha Fallout

Untitled document Oh, man. This is already being spun by the media as a major black eye for Pelosi. This article came out so fast, one suspects it was already pre-written and just waiting for the vote. Hoyer was elected … Continue reading

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Murtha Defeated

Untitled document I think that's the more accurate post title than "Hoyer wins". Nancy Pelosi's first battle as speaker has ended in her defeat. WASHINGTON (CNN) — House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Maryland, has been elected to the House majority … Continue reading

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Dead Get Benefits!

Untitled document In a stunning victory for dead people everywhere, Hong Kong has awarded welfare benefits to the dead. Expect this pioneering social engineering to come here to the United States soon! For more than six years after his death … Continue reading

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Vandal Humor

Untitled document We reported in October about the bonobo with a vandal's sense of humor. It seems the female bonobo pulled a fire alarm just to watch the silly humans scurry around. The staff at the Great Ape Trust of … Continue reading

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Regional Disaster

Untitled document It's funny, in a not amusing way, how immediately after the election, the drumbeat begins to change tempo in the media. Now after all the cheerleading for giving up and withdrawing in failure from Iraq, the media notices … Continue reading

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Meanwhile In The Senate

Untitled document One thing that can be taken as a good general rule is that it is much easier to be in opposition than it is to be in control, politically speaking. One only needs to look at the past … Continue reading

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