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After The Gold Rush

Untitled document Well, I dreamed I saw the knights In armor coming, Saying something about a queen. There were peasants singing and Drummers drumming And the archer split the tree. There was a fanfare blowing To the sun That was … Continue reading

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Truth In Advertising!

Untitled document We have heard, repeatedly, about the dangers of eating fast food. We have been lectured incessantly about the plague of obesity that has swept America. We have been screeched at, over and over and over, by the would-be … Continue reading

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This Is Going Too Far!

Untitled document It has been a long standing tradition for immigrants to this country to work, earn money then send some of the money back home to the families they left behind when they came here. Sometimes it is to … Continue reading

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This Video Game Is A Riot

Untitled document Or, more accurately, this video game system is causing a riot. Or three. The Sony PlayStation 3 made its long-awaited debut in sores, only to cause more than one scene of chaos as people tried to get their … Continue reading

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Media Dilemma

Untitled document Jed Babbin takes a look at the outcome of the elections and the effect the media had on the outcome. It is a very interesting take on what happened. Like the sorcerer's apprentice, some in the media are … Continue reading

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Midwest Hotel Chain Pulls Plug On CNN

Untitled document A small chain of ten hotels in the Midwest has pulled CNN and CNN Headline News from their guest rooms and public spaces in response to CNN's airing of Islamist propaganda. The president of the company says that … Continue reading

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Untitled document The Senate approved the nuclear deal that President Bush has reached with India last night. The agreement would have India certify part of its fleet of nuclear reactors as civilian and open those reactors up to international inspection. … Continue reading

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Bull Moose Taking A Break?

Untitled document It looks like the Bull Moose is taking a hiatus. But the moose works in mysterious ways as he notes. So who knows when he'll rear his antlers again. Tweet

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The Next Generation Lion

Untitled document Thanks to TC over at Leather Penguin for sending us this vital alert about the Animal Uprising™. It seems that National Geographic has stumbled on the secret laboratory where the next generation of killer lion is being developed, located on … Continue reading

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Trouble With A (Capitol Building) “T”

Untitled document Nancy Pelosi has more trouble than I realized earlier today. Not only is the media firing warning shots, but she has an incipient rebellion on her hands that could fracture her ability to lead. This one could be … Continue reading

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The Last (Nut)House On The Left

Untitled document Way back in 1972, Wes Craven released a film titled The Last House On The Left. The promotional catch phrase they used for the movie was: "To avoid fainting, keep repeating "It's only a movie…It's only a movie…". … Continue reading

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Snakes In A Bed!

Untitled document A British woman awoke after a good night's rest only to find it hadn't been that good a night after all. Her left leg hurt but she had no idea why. A couple of days later, however, the … Continue reading

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Global Arachnophobia!

Untitled document Britain, not wanting to be left out on the global biting spider craze, is widely publicizing the case of a man who was bitten by a false widow spider. Now a false widow isn't actually all that dangerous, which … Continue reading

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No Castro At Birthday?

Untitled document Cuban television described the plans for the delayed celebration of Fidel Castro's birthday but pointedly did not say he would attend. In fact, they said his ideas were more important than his presence. The nightly "Mesa Redonda" show, … Continue reading

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Untitled document Air America Radio, sewn together out of various obscure little AM radio stations, needed whatever star power Al Franken brought to the table in order for the bankrupt enterprise to find a buyer. Brian Maloney reports that won't … Continue reading

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