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The Point Of It All

Untitled document John Hinderaker: …When conservatives act in a hypocritical manner, violating their own principles, they go astray and screw up their lives. When liberals, on the other hand, act hypocritically, they usually are also acting reasonably. They find their … Continue reading

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Sixteen Miles Of Tears

Untitled document Imagine a trail of paper that documents terror and death. Imagine the voices of people caught up in those events. Their voices long silent now, but the paper remains. A voiceless echo of the pain and suffering. The … Continue reading

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Untitled document Tweet

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Untitled document In order to make the new new format work, I had to clear out a lot of the links that used to appear on the sidebar. All of the ones I removed should have been duplicates to ones … Continue reading

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Leonid Meteor Shower Tonight

Untitled document Unfortunately, the expected peak will be most visible in Africa and Europe, with a chance that New England might also get a glimpse. The rest of the US will not get all that much excitement, the astronomers now … Continue reading

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Never Saw This Coming

Untitled document For many years, I told my oldest boy to stop wasting his time playing video games. I figured he was cutting into time he could better spend doing other things. The same with my youngest boy. My daughters … Continue reading

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Fork In The Road

Untitled document Well, the new Crabitat appears to be running fairly well although there still are a few formatting issues and whatnot to take care of. There are also a number of housekeeping chores to take care of with the … Continue reading

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And You Thought You Knew….

Untitled document …What WTO stood for. It's in the papers all the time, right? All these negotiations you thought had to do with trade, right? Hah! Shows how smart you are. Because WTO doesn't stand for World Trade Organization. Nope, … Continue reading

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Damn The Fact(orpedoe)s, Full Condemnation Ahead!

Untitled document Tom Maguire has this way of completely dismantling some of the worst of the hysterical hyperbole from the left side of the 'sphere. He uses these inconvenient things called "facts" that you may have heard of. Several bloggers … Continue reading

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Untitled document That is what the Opinion Journal is seeing among the Democrats right now. But, in fact, it is not populism, it is political payback demanded by the AFL-CIO. And that protectionism would inevitably lead to damage to the … Continue reading

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Remembering Lincoln

Untitled document David Shribman writes about a commission that you have probably never heard of. The year 2009 will be the bicentennial of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. A commission has been formed to plan a celebration of the man … Continue reading

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Media, Ethics And Outing

Untitled document Dave Kopel, writing in the Rocky Mountain News, make a strong argument against the practice of some activists to "out" homosexuals. Referring to the Haggard outing just before the election (which I strongly criticized for its complete violation … Continue reading

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Bringing The Jihad Home

Untitled document A teacher in Smithfield, North Carolina has resigned after complaints about one of his assignments to his Spanish class. It seems that Khalid Chahhou handed out a paper with instructions to translate words and use them in a … Continue reading

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I Can’t Really Think Of A Way….

Untitled document ….To make this story funny. I have the running joke around here about the animal uprising and have a lot of fun mangling news stories to fit into that series. People seems to enjoy the stories, too, judging … Continue reading

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Doing A Little Overhaul

Untitled document I'm rearranging the furniture in the Crabitat, so things may be a bit strange for a while as I rebuild the look a bit. Please excuse the mess, we're under construction. Tweet

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