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“A Different Point Of View”

Untitled document Well, isn't this special. Teaching third graders the lessons of victimhood. LONG BEACH, Calif. – Teacher Bill Morgan walks into his third-grade class wearing a black Pilgrim hat made of construction paper and begins snatching up pencils, backpacks … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Day Dinner That Couldn’t Be Beat

Untitled document Ah, Brutus the bear is busy this time of year. He is very much in demand for photo shoots. American grizzly bears are not usually very cooperative. Or friendly. But Brutus appears to be both. So he gets … Continue reading

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Deliberate Provocation

Untitled document After reading some of the updates about the story of the six imams removed from a Northwest Airlines flight at the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport, it looks very much like a deliberate attempt to provoke and incident. It looks … Continue reading

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Lost In Space

Untitled document NASA scientists have about given up on finding out why the Mars Global Surveyor suddenly went silent. They took their last, best chance of locating the craft by using the new Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. That effort was not … Continue reading

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Attention Darwin Awards Committee

Untitled document We have a contender for honorable mention. Unemployed British man suffers broken relationship. Despondent, he drinks considerably more than a little bit. People he is drinking with appear to understand that man is too drunk to have any … Continue reading

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Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Untitled document SWM, 26, likes to cuddle. Not very bright. Well that's how it should have read. You see, it is generally considered extremely stupid to plaster your face and name on a dating website when you are wanted for … Continue reading

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Syria? You Want To Negotiate With Syria?

Untitled document If you don't think Syria was involved in the murder of a prominent Lebanese anti-Syrian cabinet minister, you're dreaming. Pierre Gemayel was murdered in cold blood in Beirut just a short time ago. Hezbollah, closely tied to both … Continue reading

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Get Your Wallet

Untitled document Donald Sensing looks at good old Charlie Rangel's "universal service" bill and calculates the cost. He goes much, much further than I did when doing this calculation and looks at what the entire program would entail. So we … Continue reading

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Talkin’ Turkey

Untitled document Well, it must be Thanksgiving week. The turkeys are coming out all over the news. Or the business of turkeys, as the case may be. It seems that the Butterball brand has been sold to a privately held … Continue reading

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She Spent What?

Untitled document It seems that Hillary Clinton, who frankly did not face any credible challenge in this election, managed to spend $30 million dollars for her walkover victory. That got the New York Times' attention. Since 2001, when she took … Continue reading

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Hard Numbers

Untitled document Philip R. O'Connor, writing in TCS Daily takes a look at numbers. This is a hard calculus because it involves the deaths of soldiers through American history. But it is something that needs to be understood as well. … Continue reading

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Knives Out

Untitled document The LA Times fired a warning shot last week, letting Nancy Pelosi know that passing over Jane Harman for the chair of the intelligence committee would be bad for her media coverage. This week, they fire the first … Continue reading

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A Surreal Reality

Untitled document Christopher Hitchens asks a simple question: why in the world are we going to take advice about Iraq from James Baker? This man happily gave up Lebanon to Syrian control in exchange for their "help" in the Kuwait … Continue reading

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Pea In A Bottle

Untitled document As in green peas. As in a new flavor for a soft drink. Honest. Green pea flavored soda.  But the chief executive of the company has a confession. He has absolutely no idea why anyone would actually drink the stuff.  … Continue reading

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