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Being Thankful

Untitled document Reader_Iam at Done With Mirrors and the creation of a Thanksgiving feast. Around here, and I am not kidding, we are planning to have the traditional Thanksgiving pizza. There is a good reason for putting off the feast … Continue reading

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Facing Fact

Untitled document I see certain things as fact. Others take exception to those facts on a fairly regular basis around here. Fine, that is part and parcel of doing this self-imposed job of hanging my thoughts out for the world … Continue reading

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Confronting CAIR

Untitled document Little Green Footballs has a stunning video. Tucker Carlson completely disassembles a CAIR spokesperson. This is really worth watching. Carlson's complete, total rejection of the CAIR spokesman's arguments are actually quite brilliant. I've said that I think the imams … Continue reading

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The “Creative” Times

Untitled document It is instructive to see the editorial thought process of the New York Times in action. The are, without a doubt, the most vociferous proponents of extremely strict interpretation of the First Amendment to the US Constitution. So … Continue reading

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A Bit Of History

Untitled document The History Channel does a bit of myth busting about Thanksgiving. There are a lot of interesting facts over there, as always, but the one about what the Pilgrims and the Indians (native Americans if you prefer) ate … Continue reading

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Proving That Reporters Can’t Do Math

Untitled document Confederate Yankee looks at a BBC story about cluster munitions in Southern Lebanon and proves, rather quickly, that the Beeb's reporters have never heard of a calculator. The number the BBC reports is so ludicrously inflated, that it … Continue reading

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Flying Palaces

Untitled document On November 22, 1935 a Martin M-130 flying boat left the marina in Alameda, California on the first trans-Pacific mail service of Pan American World Airways. The aircraft would begin carrying passengers the following year in rather luxurious comfort. There … Continue reading

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Beyond Parody

Untitled document The current slide of the British into the downright silly embrace of political correctness and rampant nanny statism has to be just about complete now. Because it is hard indeed to imagine how much lower it can go … Continue reading

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A Timely Treatise On Turkeys

Untitled document The annual pardoning of the White House turkey has occurred. The birds, named Flyer and Fryer were given formal presidential pardons, a tradition started in 1947 by Harry S Truman. But since Thanksgiving is upon us, we here … Continue reading

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Eat Your Heart Out, Evel Knievel

Untitled document Oh, sure, Evel Knievel is a big name in motorcycle stunts even now, long after he retired. He even once tried to jump (sort of) the Snake River Canyon. But his audaciousness (or insanity) never rose to this … Continue reading

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Go Buy A La-Z-Boy At Once

Untitled document It could very well save your life. Because they are pretty much bulletproof. WALNUT CREEK, Calif. – Now comes another reason to stay put in the La-Z-Boy: A man sitting in his easy chair was shot in the … Continue reading

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The Not So Good Shepherds

Untitled document So, somebody's sheep gets stuck on a ledge above a quarry in Britain. The owner calls the emergency phone number and reports it. Firemen are sent on a mission to rescue the animal. A whole lot of firemen. … Continue reading

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The Wrong Benediction

Untitled document The Opinion Journal points out the real reality, as opposed to the "reality" the "realists" have constructed in their heads. The moves and trial balloons toward opening negotiations with Iran and Syria have come up against the hard … Continue reading

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The Protection Racket

Untitled document Pete Du Pont, writing in the Opinion Journal, takes a look at the protectionist bent of the Democrats and wonders why. Because the evidence that free trade works is obvious. Protectionism, on the other hand, may save a … Continue reading

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Quit Smoking. Take Up Bigamy Instead!

Untitled document Douglass "Dude" Cigarette has been stubbed out, maybe for as long as ten years. It seems that the man who played the anti-smoking crusading cigarette pleaded guilty to bigamy. He may have had as many as four wives … Continue reading

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