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Engaging Reality

Untitled document The murder of Pierre Gemayel – in broad daylight – in Beirut should be giving the "realists" at least some pause. The barrage of trial balloons hinting that "dialog" with Damascus and Tehran are good things should be strongly questioned … Continue reading

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Birthday Trifecta

Untitled document Longtime readers may remember me mentioning this before, but November 23rd is a significant date around the Crabitat. My youngest brother, who I affectionately refer to as "Mad Dog", has a birthday on November 23rd. Which, in and … Continue reading

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Poisoned Defector Dies

Untitled document Alexander Litvinenko, the former member of the Russian security service who defected to the West has died from whatever poison was administered to him. Doctors have about ruled out thallium as the culprit, but are no closer to … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks

Untitled document There are so very many things we have to give thanks for in this country. And so very many of those things we may not even recognize or think about, things we take completely for granted, are because … Continue reading

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Late To The Party

Untitled document But better late than never! Readers here were told about Beccy Cole some time ago, but Pajamas Media has just linked her as well. But it is well worth re-linking to my old post and to the new … Continue reading

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But Is It Art?

Untitled document This seems kind of silly, a pointless dispute that just keeps going around and around. Still, there is an interesting question in it. What, exactly, constitutes art these days? SOAP LAKE — Rick Froebe erected a backyard "fence." … Continue reading

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How To Discredit An Idea

Untitled document Without really trying all that hard. SeeDubya at Junk Yard Blog takes a righteous smack at the people suddenly talking smack about weird conspiracy theories. Many within the Republican Party–most of them principled conservatives who are right on … Continue reading

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The Traditional Thanksgiving Pizza

Untitled document I've actually had a couple of requests for this, so here's the recipe. The real trick here is the spices and whatnot in the crust. Makes a huge difference: 1 Pkg dry yeast 1 cup warm water (105-115° … Continue reading

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WWI U-Boat Wrecks Discovered

Untitled document The wrecks of two German U-boats from the First World War have been located off the coast of the Orkney Islands. They have been identified as the U92 and the U102 and may have run into a British … Continue reading

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Words Of Wisdom From Animal House

Untitled document If only the Swedish authorities had made it mandatory for all the moose in Sweden to watch the movie Animal House, this would never have occurred. The immortal words of Dean Vernon Wormer to Kent "Flounder" Dorfman could … Continue reading

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The Essential Society

Untitled document The Telegraph has hit a major nerve apparently. One reader wrote in to state, rather firmly, that he wanted to form a "society of people who had never seen The Sound of Music and have no intention of … Continue reading

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On The Running Of Errands

Untitled document My mission this morning involved getting to a store at 8am to be one of the first in line to buy something which the store only had a few of. No, it was not a PlayStation 3, but … Continue reading

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“A Christmas Story” Brought To Life

Untitled document There are fans and then there are fans. Brian Jones is in the latter category. The 30-year old Jones loved the movie A Christmas Story so much that he bought the house that was featured in the movie, renovated it … Continue reading

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Repudiating Themselves

Untitled document AllahPundit performs a much needed smackdown of Alcee Hastings and his disinformation campaign. Hastings is calling lots of people various names, but glossing over a number of salient facts So are his defenders. Alas for poor Hastings, the … Continue reading

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Turkeys On A Train!

Untitled document Or at least they were trying their darnedest to get on one. The wire report makes light of it and says the turkeys were just trying to escape their Thanksgiving fate. RAMSEY, N.J. – Some wild turkeys, it … Continue reading

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