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Lebanon On the Edge

Untitled document They are standing on the very brink of the precipice in Lebanon right now. Hezbollah, loyal puppets to Syria and Iran, plan mass demonstrations next week to bring down the government. It appears that they will go ahead … Continue reading

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Sinking Fast

Untitled document Sometimes I wonder if it is already too late to save Britain. Earlier, I linked to an article that told about two uniformed Royal Marines who were denied admittance to a bar because they were in uniform and … Continue reading

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Mercury Rising

Untitled document We're having a heat wave! Ok, no, we're not. But you have a very unusual chance to see the planet Mercury against a completely dark sky instead of in the twilight of dawn. That doesn't happen a lot, … Continue reading

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Warning To Firefox Users

Untitled document Disable your password autosave feature at once. This is very serious and applies to people using Microsoft Internet Explorer. But is is most likely to hit Firefox users. The problem, known as a reverse cross-site request, or RCSR, … Continue reading

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The Real Estate Agent Who Tells The Truth

Untitled document "Grubby", "cramped", "dirty" and "having all the charm and poise of a vicar on crack". Highly unusual terms to see when looking at real estate ads. The more commonly used ones refer to "fixer-uppers" which generally translates to "faller … Continue reading

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Losing The Ability

Untitled document Two Royal Marines just returning from the funeral of a comrade were denied entry to a bar in Liverpool. The servicemen were in uniform. Two Royal Marines were refused entry to a bar just hours after a colleague's … Continue reading

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Feathered Spies

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard have written about the Salton Sea in California before. Well, it seems that it is not only people who are interested in the shrinking body of heavily polluted water. Oh, no, others … Continue reading

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Polonium 210 Poisoned Litvinenko

Untitled document The BBC is reporting that radioactive polonium 210 was detected in the body of Alexander Litvinenko. Mr Litvinenko's death has been linked to the presence of a "major dose" of radioactive polonium-210 in his body. Scotland Yard confirmed … Continue reading

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“We Just Have To Solve It Now”

Untitled document Peggy Noonan writes on the problem of illegal immigration: "We don't really have to solve the problem forever. We just have to solve it now." Her argument is that we have been swamped with a wave of immigration, … Continue reading

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Polar Opposite

Untitled document Daniel Henninger, writing in the Opinion Journal, takes what amounts to the exact polar opposite position of David Ignatius' column in the WaPo. Looking at the apparent retreat into isolationism that people on both the far left and … Continue reading

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Untitled document David Ignatius has a column in today's Washington Post that really troubles me. He spends a lot of time exploring the routine use of violence and assassination in Lebanon and the Middle East in general. There is real … Continue reading

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A Misdirected Concern

Untitled document Charles Krauthammer takes a look at Sacha Baron Cohen and an interview he gave to Rolling Stone and wonders what Cohen is thinking. Cohen's "Borat" character is a big hit at the movies using a shtick that reveals, … Continue reading

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Flying Backwards

Untitled document Today's Washington Post has a story that is kind of ironic. I posted about the Pan Am China Clippers on Wednesday. Those long-ago airliners tried to make the travel experience as comfortable as possible by offering bunk beds and a … Continue reading

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