Sinking Fast

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Sometimes I wonder if it is already too late to save Britain. Earlier, I linked to an article that told about two uniformed Royal Marines who were denied admittance to a bar because they were in uniform and because the bar did not want "aggressive" people on the premises. That is a bad sign. This one is even worse.

I’ve just spent hours with the police (after a nearly two hour wait to actually see a police officer), telling and re-telling every detail of what happened to me today, and I’m in no mood to blog it all. What I will say is this to my female readers: Don’t be fooled into thinking that, just because you’re minding your own business, some punk isn’t going to decide you need messing with. Sadly, scumbags like this have no problem with launching unprovoked attacks on women. If you dare to wear something as revealing as a pair of Levi’s and a long winter coat, you may not only be physically assaulted but have names like “slut” and “whore” screamed at you on a crowded Tube platform. About fifteen minutes of assault and abuse may pass before anyone watching this happen will say a word, or do anything to otherwise intervene.

Someone will at some point tell me that the best course of action in these cases is to take the unwanted touching and violence and not say a word, just walk away. It’s not really like me to let things slide, though, and I don’t think anyone else should. (I’m talking about confronting people who are probably unarmed; it didn’t actually occur to me to go to the police at all. Antoine told me to do so afterwards, when I rang him and was very shaken and pissed off.)

In broad daylight, in public, two thugs felt bold enough to do this to a woman and nobody said a word. Not allowed to defend herself, indifferent police, who you know will do nothing and cameras monitoring all over. And thugs walk free. But don't wear a military uniform into a bar. This is Britain today.

God help them.

UPDATE: Welcome to vistors from the Carnival of the Insanities. Please do take a look around while you're here.

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