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Trackback Spam Overload

Untitled document People trying to access the Crabitat may have gotten a "suspended" error today. I have just spent a long time on the phone with the hosting company and there appears to be evidence that someone has been trying … Continue reading

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Hooked On Phonics

Untitled document Apropos this post at Powerline. Isn't that 15 minutes over? Tweet

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Exposing Lies

Untitled document A lot of extreme pontification has been going on in the blogosphere over the reports of all the burned mosques. Curt over at Flopping Aces has been working very, very hard to get the to the truth of … Continue reading

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No Disrespect

Untitled document Ann Althouse, who has long been one of my personal favorites in the blogosphere, has a rather pointed takedown of Andrew Sullivan. Sullivan is really on a bender over his personally-coined word "christianist" and, in this case, Mormons … Continue reading

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Untitled document Crimes involving children are extremely upsetting to me. So the so-called kiddie porn offenders are, to me, very serious criminals who deserve to be hammered with every day of prison time that the law allows. I care not … Continue reading

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WordPress Upgrade

Untitled document Ok, I just went through and upgraded to version 2.0.5. Everything appears to be functioning, but please leave a comment or drop me an email if you find some errors or malfunctions. Tweet

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False Reports

Untitled document Curt over at Flopping Aces has been running down some of the reports coming out of Iraq at the moment. And he's discovered that there appears to be outright lies being reported as complete fact by the media. … Continue reading

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When You Fire The Experienced Workers

Untitled document And hire political supporters, you really shouldn't be surprised when maintenance is done improperly and accidents occur. You can just ask Hugo Chavez. There has been an "operational event" at Venezuela's Amuay refinery. This "event" could be heard … Continue reading

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Untitled document I think the Daily Mail has gone a little bit overboard with this article. Calling polonium 210 "the deadliest poison known to man" and furiously clanging the alarm that nobody knows how many more will die from this … Continue reading

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Desperados Waiting For The Train

Untitled document I'd sing the Red River Valley and he'd sit in the kitchen and cry Run his fingers through seventy years of livin' Wonder Lord has every well I drilled ran dry We were friends me and that old … Continue reading

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Good Riddance, Eh?

Untitled document I what honestly reads like a parody, a man who moved to Canada with his wife after George Bush was reelected in 2004 writes the LA Times to tell the world why the happy couple is staying in Canada. … Continue reading

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Losing Russia

Untitled document There have been a lot of signs that Russia is rapidly sliding back into the old, totalitarian ways. It may not exactly be the old Soviet style, instead being a weird mixture of communistic ideas, oligarchy, cronyism and … Continue reading

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“This Wasn’t Cooked Up By Amatuers”

Untitled document The experts being consulted about the use of polonium 210 to poison Alexander Litvinenko agree on a number of things. This may have been the very first use of this radioactive isotope as a poison, which is part … Continue reading

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London Rampage

Untitled document A 30 year old Tunisian man went completely berserk in West London, very near the gates to Heathrow Airport. He beat one man to death, critically injured another and hurt scores of others. With his bare ands and … Continue reading

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PETA Buffoonery

Untitled document PETA, never really living in what most of us understand as reality in the first place, has crossed over into their own little cartoon land. They have delivered a fierce email attack on a church in Anchorage, Alaska … Continue reading

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