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Information War

Untitled document Sadly, the war is happening right inside our own nation. Our Department of Defense is having to counter the worst of the mainstream media's lies, distortions or misinformation. To say nothing of their publication of outright enemy propaganda. … Continue reading

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Untitled document There has, of course, been a lot of buzz about the murder of a former member of the Russian FSB, Alexander Litvinenko by polonium 210 poisoning. I called the Daily Mail article about it irresponsible for calling polonium … Continue reading

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Weird Logic

Untitled document I understand that the blind have a very tough job managing in the world of the sighted. But this is one of those instances where the courts have inserted themselves to address a really minor problem which will … Continue reading

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The Principal Supporting Business Now Is Rage

Untitled document You might come here Sunday on a whim. Say your life broke down. The last good kiss you had was years ago. You walk these streets laid out by the insane, past hotels that didn't last, bars that … Continue reading

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An Interesting Question

Untitled document Having long since mentioned the "mutually beneficial spiral of death" that binds the mainstream media so tightly to the terrorists, this is really not so very surprising. But Snapped Shot makes a very, very interesting point. Would the … Continue reading

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Say Goodnight, Fidel

Untitled document The kickoff of Fidel Castro's delayed 80th birthday was accomplished without his presence. There seems to be a general consensus that rather than a birthday party, the event is actually a wake. Cuban Culture Minister Abel Prieto said … Continue reading

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Another Plot Foiled

Untitled document The Animal Uprising™ tried a frightening new tactic in Two Rivers, Wisconsin that fortunately failed. Imagine the damage that could happen to your home if a flaming Kamikaze squirrel was running around in it. As in really on … Continue reading

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Pelosi Publicly Rejects Hastings!

Untitled document Wow, not even close to the earlier reports that Hastings would bow out. Pelosi threw him out of the race outright. WASHINGTON – In a decision that could roil Democratic unity in the new House, Speaker-to-be Nancy Pelosi … Continue reading

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Hastings Bowing Out?

Untitled document I said a while back that the best thing Alcee Hastings could do for his party and Nancy Pelosi would be to bow out of the bidding for chair of the intelligence committee. Well, better late than never, … Continue reading

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Tired Of Your Country?

Untitled document Had enough of taxes? Tired of the bureaucracy? Want a chance to make your own rules? Want to declare yourself emperor? Form your very own micronation! You might even make it into a guidebook some day! In various … Continue reading

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Protection Racket

Untitled document Pay us or we continue to bust your home up. That's essentially the message the thuggish Iranian mullahs just gave to Iraq. Surrender your sovereignty to Iran, kick the Americans out or Iran will continue to arm and … Continue reading

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The Company You Keep

Untitled document The Opinion Journal has a blistering story on an American with a very familiar name who is cheerfully doing business with another familiar name. One can't say one is surprised by all this. Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez is … Continue reading

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Presented With No Further Comment Whatsoever

Untitled document Women talk three times as much as men, says study Tweet

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Pigeons Have Fans

Untitled document Years ago, my friend Kenny's father kept pigeons. Their garage had been turned into a pigeon coop, which is actually a misnomer, pigeon poop is the actual correct term. Because the feathered rats remodeled the place biologically upon … Continue reading

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Another Boaring Day

Untitled document Just your average dull day in the Southern German village of Veitshoechheim became somewhat less dull when a herd of wild boars went rampaging through the town. Why, they even took the time to get in a little … Continue reading

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