A Weird Moment

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Jacques Chirac says he agrees with the US that there is no point in talking to Syria. As in the president of France.

France and the United States agree there is no point in talking to Syria because the conditions for an honest dialogue do not exist, French President Jacques Chirac said Wednesday.

Chirac's comments come a day after U.S. National Security Adviser Steven Hadley said that there was no point in Israel holding negotiations with Syria as long as Damascus continues to support and facilitate terrorism.

U.S. President George W. Bush is under strong domestic pressure to talk to Syria and Iran in an effort to reduce sectarian violence and avert civil war in Iraq.

Speaking after a NATO summit in Latvia, Chirac said he was always in favour of dialogue in principle provided it led to results and was based on honesty and a commitment to carry out what was agreed.

"In the current state of affairs, this is not exactly the characteristic of the dialogue which some European countries have started with Syria. I deplore that," Chirac said.

"I understand that the American president's position is exactly the same as France's," Chirac said.

No, I am not putting too much stock in this just yet. France, and Chirac in particular, have a long record of double dealing and perfidious behavior. Still, it's a jolt to see Chirac acting as if actually understands reality on the ground as opposed to his usual behavior of believing in his wishes rather than fact.

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One Response to A Weird Moment

  1. daveinboca says:

    Like a broken clock, Jacquo Chiraq can’t be wrong ALL the time. And he stumbles onto the truth when he speaks about a subject the French actually know a lot about. Syria and the phoney stick-insect in charge of that sad country.

    Damascus aids and abets Hezbollah in South Lebanon and shelters terrorist kingpin Kamal Mishaal of the Hamas leadership too scared to visit the West Bank.

    I wish I could find the FT piece about two years ago, shortly before the Hariri murder by Assad’s agents, that said in exhaustive detail how completely delusional and out of touch the Syrian leadership, disconnected from political reality, had become and how insane some of its policies could become.

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