Christmas Time In Hell

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A British home improvement store has a red face just in time for Christmas. It seems they played a jolly little Christmas carol over the store's PA system. The song upset the kids.

Christmas Time In Hell by Satan and the Damned was a bit much.

Instead of the usual festive hits ringing through the aisles, shoppers were subjected to a foul-mouthed song from the television cartoon series "South Park".

Due to an "oversight" at the store in Stockport, northwest England, bungling staff put on "Christmas Time in Hell" from the album "Mr Hankey's Christmas Classics".

The offending track contains references to sex, torture and US cannibal serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Shopper Grant Sullivan, 42, from Stockport, was in the store's Christmas grotto with his daughter, Deonne, aged four.

"I couldn't believe my ears," he told The Sun newspaper.

"We were buying a tree and Deonne was looking for the star for the top of it. I was speechless.

"Christmas should be a wonderful time for kids — they shouldn't have to listen to filth."

Well, I suppose we could try to look at the bright side here. At least it was a Christmas song, not a "happy non-denominational, generic seasonal greetings unless you're offended by that, too" song.

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  1. That song ain’t nuthin!

    Google “Christmas”+”South Park” and prepare to have your ears pinned back.

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