Countdown In Fiji? Or Not?

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It appears increasingly likely that a coup will occur in Fiji. The military has given a deadline for the government to meet demands. The government has apparently declined to do any more concessions than they already have.

FIJI'S capital Suva is bracing for an imminent takeover by the military with no signs that the Government will capitulate to a series of demands by the military.

All was quiet in the capital, however, as a  noon deadline for a threatened military coup passed.

Fiji's renegade military chief Frank Bainimarama last night warned he would remove the government if Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase did not meet a list of demands by noon (11am AEDT) today.

As the noon deadline passed, Commodore Bainimarama was at Suva sports stadium watching a soccer match between army and police teams.

He left before the game finished.

Mr Qarase said this morning  that he was uncertain of exactly what the military wanted after giving into most of their demands yesterday.

This morning Commodore Bainimarama briefed the country's president Ratu Josefa Iloilo on his plans.

Commodore Bainimarama's meeting with Mr Iloilo lasted about 30 minutes and he left without commenting.

It is understood that if the Government fails to make further concessions Commodore Bainimarama may ask for a state of emergency to be declared, allowing the military to begin securing the city.

The Fiji government's official website is now reporting that the differences between the Prime Minister and the rebellious military leader have been settled, however. But the date stamps are a bit confused as to what came first, so it may or may not still be in question. Here's the CIA factbook entry on Fiji. Here's the Wikipedia entry.

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