No Nudes Is Good Nudes

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A small village in Western Canada has had it up to here, so to speak, with what are reported to be truly world class potholes in their main road. So they have taken matters into their own hands, so to speak. They have decided to embarrass the provincial government into fixing their road, by embarrassing themselves. They posed in the potholes in the nude and made a calendar.

OTTAWA (Reuters) – People in a small town in Western Canada are so fed up with the rotten state of their main road that they came up with an unusual form of protest — a calendar that shows them posing nude in the potholes.

One inhabitant of Leader, Saskatchewan, is shown sitting in a canoe that is perched in a pothole. Another has his dignity preserved by a well-placed camera while a third man covers up with a strategic hubcap.

"The initial impression when people open the calendar for the first time is 'Oh my God!' It's pretty dramatic," said Wayne Elhard, the local member of the provincial legislature.

Leader, a town of just 1,000 in a largely farming area of southwest Saskatchewan, says it can't afford to fix all its roads.

"The potholes are not small, one-foot diameter potholes. They are many feet across and sometimes they're as deep as a foot deep and sometimes they will stretch for yards (meters)," Elhard told CBC television on Wednesday.

The man posed in a canoe IN the pothole. Now that is one big pothole.

In other news, Britney Spears hasn't been getting enough news coverage lately, so she has taken to flashing back at the photographers using their flashes. Now, I have no idea why anyone would care, but this is supposed to be a real traffic booster, so here's a link showing Britney Spears' beaver

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