The Fix Appears To Be In

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The left wing here in the US has charged many times that some elections were rigged, that Gore and Kerry was robbed, etc., etc. But all that talk finally quieted down after the Democrats won the elections. It would be a good thing for the left to acknowledge that there appears to be a blatantly rigged election about to happen in Venezuela. So much so that one of (T)Hugo Chavez's allies is calling on people to storm privately-owned television stations.

Chavez, speaking at his own rally in southeastern Trujillo state, warned that the U.S. government was backing Rosales and would try to undermine the election.

"If the imperialists and its lackeys try to destabilize Venezuela with riots, they will regret it for the rest of their lives. I warn them," he said.

The exchange of warnings came as a top lawmaker from Chavez's ruling party, Iris Varela, called on government supporters to take over private TV stations that report Rosales in the lead ahead of official results.

Varela said the opposition-aligned media may use rigged exit polls to show that Rosales is ahead in order to mislead the public.

"When they start to do that, we must take over the TV channels … a peaceful takeover as we have always done at the doors of these TV stations," she told the state TV broadcaster in an interview, singling out two Caracas stations in particular, Globovision and RCTV — both highly critical of the government.

Varela denied she was emitting a threat, saying, "we are only going to demand they say the truth, that's it."

In other words, no one must ever say anything but that Chavez has won. If they do, they will be silenced.

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