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Pushing Back

Untitled document President Bush appears to be pushing back against the Baker group rather forcefully today in Jordan. According to the Washington Post (which cheerfully acknowledges the groups leaky way of doing business), Bush stated, flatly, that, "This business about … Continue reading

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Demagogue Elect

Untitled document George Will takes aim at the boorish behavior of Jim Webb at a White House reception for new lawmakers. I read about this and came to the same conclusion. As Will points out, Webb was insufferably rude for … Continue reading

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Untitled document Something to think about. Or have nightmares about, depending on whether or not you actually have a good working knowledge of history.   TEHRAN, Iran – Iraq's president said Wednesday he had reached a security agreement with Iran, … Continue reading

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Leaking As Usual

Untitled document The old expression was "business as usual", but this seems a better fit for the new/old politics of consensus by leak that seems to predominate these days. The ship of the Iraq Study Group, which has had all … Continue reading

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All Those Things That Could

Untitled document I could have been elected president of my high school class. I suppose it would have helped if I had actually run for the office. I could have gotten a date with that really cute and smart girl … Continue reading

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Untitled document The Anchoress has a spot on slam of the New York Times over the headline (and the story beneath it) that they printed on a political donation to Rudy Giuliani. What is weird about the headline are the words … Continue reading

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This Is Interesting

Untitled document When bloggers questioned the "green helmet guy" during the Lebanon/Israel war this summer, the Associated Press rushed to his defense and published a mawkish, almost worshipful piece about the man. They did their level best to defuse the … Continue reading

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About That NSA Program

Untitled document Rick Moran is in full rant mode. For good reason. It appears that the much maligned NSA "warrantless wiretapping" program is nothing – nothing at all – like what the left has painted it. In fact, there are … Continue reading

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Mystery Unraveled

Untitled document It has taken 106 years and a lot of very major advances in technology, but a mystery appears to have been solved. The mystery, a heavily corroded, but extremely complex device found in an ancient shipwreck is a very … Continue reading

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Cheap In America

Untitled document John Stossel takes a look at what some people consider the "cheapness" of Americans. People like Jimmy Carter complain because we don't give enough in aid to the world. But Jimmy's definition of giving only includes tax money … Continue reading

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“Your Pal, Mahmoud”

Untitled document That closing is about the only thing missing from a letter just sent to all Americans by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In it, he reiterates just about left wing talking point available. He also achieves much unintentional hilarity with his … Continue reading

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Fiji Edging Closer To Coup

Untitled document It appears that Fiji is getting closer to show time for a coup by the defense forces. Australian forces have begun voluntary evacuations of the families of Australian High Commission members. The Australians had an accident with a … Continue reading

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The Tale Of The Giant Rat…..

Untitled document …..Of Gambia. (You thought I was going to say Sumatra, didn't you?) While that is the title of arguably the most famous Sherlock Holmes story never written, this is not a work of fiction. Giant Gambian rats are … Continue reading

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Camouflaged Carnivores For Christmas

Untitled document The New York City police department appears to have stumbled on the next tactic the Animal Uprising plans to use for sneak attacks through the holiday season. We told you about alligators baiting traps with newspapers. We gave … Continue reading

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A Weird Moment

Untitled document Jacques Chirac says he agrees with the US that there is no point in talking to Syria. As in the president of France. France and the United States agree there is no point in talking to Syria because … Continue reading

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