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Happy New Year!

Untitled document A very Happy New Year to everyone. May the new year bring you wonderful things. Tweet

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“Ethiopia Does What It Wants To Do.”

Untitled document The Guardian gives some background on what is going on in Somalia right now. It implies that Washington has a bit of influence on what is happening, but the words quoted in the post title say a bit … Continue reading

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Untitled document Would someone who is using the RSS feed from Blue Crab Boulevard please let me know it is working correctly. Either leave a comment or shoot me an email (addy on the "About" page). Thanks in advance. Tweet

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Quiet Charity

Untitled document With no fanfare or hype the Bush administration has quietly increased aid to Africa. Not by a small amount, either. Aid has tripled in the past five years. Many activists credit the moves with saving thousands of lives and … Continue reading

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Python Party

Untitled document A python in Florida apparently decided to throw a little New Year bash at his digs at the Tarpon Springs Aquarium. He invited the animal handler in for the feast. She did not know she was on the menu, … Continue reading

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Animal Uprisingâ„¢ Sacrifices 1,400 Turks

Untitled document The Animal Uprising™ engaged in some serious payback on the people of Turkey today. For many years, the Turks have celebrated the an annual feast with animal sacrifices. After killing the animal, they have a hearty meal. This year, the … Continue reading

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Drunken Snake Fondling: Not Recommended

Untitled document There is a hysterically funny article in the Times of London today about the official snake catcher of the city of Darwin, Australia. Said snake catcher, 23-year-old Chris Peberdy packs a lot of memorable one-liners into his everyday … Continue reading

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AP: Good News! AP: Bad News!

Untitled document Juxtaposing two AP stories and the headlines for each one is interesting. Poll: Americans see gloom, doom in 2007 WASHINGTON – Another terrorist attack, a warmer planet, death and destruction from a natural disaster. These are among Americans' grim … Continue reading

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Not As Clear Cut As The Media Portrays It

Untitled document David's Medienkritik has a very interesting post about a poll taken in the US and Europe. When asked if people favored the death penalty for Saddam Hussein, majorities both in the US and in Europe favored it. The … Continue reading

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Stormtrooper Update

Untitled document We warned last week about the coup plot that George Lucas was working on to take over the Rose Parade. His stormtrooper legion will be marching – and somewhere along the parade route, the coup will take place. … Continue reading

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There’s Truth Then There’s The New York Times

Untitled document An absolutely stunning column from Byron Calame, the "Public Editor" at the New York Times. In it he reveals that a very lurid claim made in a New York Times Magazine article from April turns out to be … Continue reading

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History Disappearing

Untitled document The New York Times reports on a sad trend: the decline of the "House Museum". Historic houses that have been preserved as museums are struggling to stay open and in some cases are having to be sold to … Continue reading

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Presidential Honors

Untitled document The body of Gerald R. Ford arrived in Washington, DC for the start of funeral rites this evening. A long procession of vehicles escorted him to the Capitol building. The journey of the president's body, from its arrival … Continue reading

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“Dear Santa, I’d Like A Pony……”

Untitled document "… eat." A Christmas wish letter from one of the alligators at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. Ok, we made that up. But the National Zoo has a website and they really are looking for some generous … Continue reading

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Neat Things Found While Looking For Other Things

Untitled document This is one of those serendipitous little finds that happen now and again when poking around on the Algore Memorial Interwebby Tubes®. How about every, single page of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, a long defunct newspaper, from 1841 … Continue reading

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