Arab News Services Report Saddam Has Been Hanged

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Al Jazeera and al Arabiya have reported that Saddam Hussein has been executed, Fox News is reporting. There is no other confirmation.

FOX News has not yet confirmed that the execution has taken place. Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya wire services reported his death.

This is just breaking – will update as more comes out.

UPDATE: Hot Air (See-Dubya) is also watching this as it develops. The Associated Press is confirming the execution has taken place.

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Saddam Hussein has been hanged, state-run television reported Saturday. "Criminal Saddam was hanged to death," state-run Iraqiya television said in an announcement. The station played patriotic music and showed images of national monuments and other landmarks.

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UPDATE: Telegraph coverage. The Australian.

UPDATE: Telegraph coverage. The Australian.

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