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We warned last week about the coup plot that George Lucas was working on to take over the Rose Parade. His stormtrooper legion will be marching – and somewhere along the parade route, the coup will take place. It turns out that Lucas has even had an action figure of himself made! This man is determined to own the entire parade.

It seems fitting for Lucas to serve as the ambassador of the 2007 Rose Parade that will feature the three-piece "Star Wars Spectacular," which commemorates the 1977 release of "Star Wars," the first film in the sci-fi six-pack. The procession will include two floats depicting the moon of Endor seen in the "Return of the Jedi" and the garden planet of Naboo. Darth Vader will lead a group of 200 stormtroopers, assembled from around the world, who belong to a fan club called the 501st Legion.

Lucas won't don a stormtrooper costume at the parade, but he's not missing out. Earlier this year, toy maker Hasbro paid plastic tribute to the filmmaker by creating a limited-edition action figure of him with the snow white stormtrooper attire.

The 30th anniversary of "Star Wars" will be marked by conventions, festivities and the introduction of new video games in 2007. Lucas also is pursuing an animated 3-D TV series of "Clone Wars," a continuation of the Emmy-winning show by the same name that aired from 2003 to 2005. The new series has not been sold to a network yet, but Lucas was confident a deal would be reached next year.

Lucas said he will team up again with actor Harrison Ford and director Steven Spielberg for the highly anticipated fourth installment of the "Indiana Jones" movies. Filming will begin next year and the movie will be released in May 2008.

That last paragraph actually holds the key to the entire plot. We suspect that Lucas is planning the coup to ensure good coverage for the next Indiana Jones movie. "Write good reviews or you'll never see your parade again!" Harrison Ford at age 64 is a bit long in the tooth to be playing an action hero*. So Lucas is doing this to ensure the movie is a hit.

* We are working diligently to try to confirm that the working title for the new movie is "Indiana Jones and the Walker of Doom". If not, maybe it should be.

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