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Al Qaeda Behind Latest London Terror Plot

The Daily Mail reports that al Qaeda is behind the latest plot in Britain to kidnap a Muslim soldier and behead him on video. A foiled plot to kidnap, torture and behead a British Muslim soldier was orchestrated by Al … Continue reading

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Weather Service Gets New Supercomputer!

Exciting news! The US Weather Service has turned on the nation's 36th fastest supercomputer to forecast your weather! We bet you're as excited as we are to hear that. We happened to get an advance photo of the new system, … Continue reading

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The Difference

Blackfive (Uncle Jimbo writing) brought this one to my attention. It seems William Arkin of the Washington Post's Early Warning blog took a shot at the troops who spoke out in the NBC video report I posted yesterday. Uncle Jimbo … Continue reading

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“A Monastic Way Of Life In Solitude And Silence….”

And also bake some great bread. A Trappist monastery in Upstate New York, the Abbey of the Genesee, will begin selling the bread and other baked goods they produce over the internet. Monk's Bread is already sold in many supermarkets in … Continue reading

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Stunning Lack Of Judgement

Earlier today, a number of suspicious devices were spotted in various locations around Boston. Bomb squads were dispatched, transportation was disrupted and generally speaking, all hell busted loose. The devices, which turned out to be some sort of lights had … Continue reading

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Al Gore Makes His Play


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The S.S. Biden Sets Sail

Senator Joseph Biden launched his candidacy for president and promptly ran into an iceberg of his very own making. Mr. Biden is equally skeptical—albeit in a slightly more backhanded way—about Mr. Obama. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who … Continue reading

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The Animals Come For Nancy Pelosi

The Animal Uprising™ has begun the next stage of its offensive. It is now targeting the political leadership of the United States. A feathered fiend broke into the apartment of Nancy Pelosi and tried its best to kidnap the Speaker. … Continue reading

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A Horrifying Glimpse Into The Future

What the world will look like if the Animal Uprising™ is victorious. A slideshow look into Hell itself. Be afraid.  Tweet

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Another Must Have Product

Close on the heels of the exciting exploding laptop computer and the must have geek-cessory, the flaming zip drive, comes a new technological wonder! A real consumer must-have: the combustible massage chair! TOKYO, Jan 31 (Reuters Life!) – Japan's Matsushita … Continue reading

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New Findings At Stonehenge

Researchers have discovered new evidence of a very large neolithic village (by neolithic standards, presumably) near Stonehenge. The findings support that the two sites were connected to funeral rites. The finding strongly suggests that the monument and the settlement nearby … Continue reading

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British Terror Arrests

Eight suspects have been arrested by British authorities in a series of pre-dawn raids. The men were allegedly part of a terror kidnapping plot. Sky news is reporting (authorities are NOT confirming this at the moment) that the men intended … Continue reading

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Global Warming And Knee Deep Moose

Moose don't particularly enjoy trudging through knee deep snow, any more than humans do. So it really isn't much of a surprise that they tend to leave areas where the snow is really deep and go to where it's easier … Continue reading

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Did Iran Train And Support Attackers?

The New York Times is reporting that US and Iraqi government sources strongly suspect Iran was involved in the attack in Karbala that killed five American soldiers. While there is no formal evidence being released as of yet, the very … Continue reading

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Abandoning Venezuela

The Washington Post reports that large numbers of Venezuelans are fleeing the country ahead of the new authoritarian controls (T)Hugo Chavez is putting in place. As is always the case in situations like this, the ones fleeing will be the … Continue reading

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