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Books, Culture And The History Of Ideas

Untitled document Should public libraries act as they repositories of our culture, our history, our thoughts and ideas as a civilization or should they cater to pop culture? According to the Washington Post, it is increasingly the latter. Libraries are … Continue reading

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Middle Ground

Untitled document Longterm readers know that this blog laughs – quite a lot, actually – at the extreme histrionics of the global warming fanatics. Why? Because they are almost totally driven by an extremist "blame man for it all" position. … Continue reading

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We Told You, Didn’t we?

Untitled document We warned you, repeatedly, that George Lucas planned a coup at the Rose Parade, didn't we? Did anyone listen? No, they thought we were joking. Well here's the proof. (Real Tournament of Roses Site here. The 501st "Vader's … Continue reading

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Thailand Bombings

Untitled document Agam, who happens to live right in Bangkok, has a front row seat to what has been going on over there. He has a number of excellent links up as well with even more details. There is quite … Continue reading

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Otters On Offense

Untitled document The otter brigades of the Animal Uprising™ have gone on the offense in Britain. Despite the anthropomorphizing that many humans indulge in, otters are not cute and playful. They are actually stone cold assassins of the wild and … Continue reading

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A Very Cheesy New Year

Untitled document The Washington Post has an interesting little feature article about American entrepreneurship in action. A Maryland couple who have done rather well by making cheese. Their product is in demand in high-end cheese shops in Washington, DC and … Continue reading

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Ban Ki Moon Takes Over At UN

Untitled document Ban Ki Moon officially took over the helm of the United Nations with the start of the New Year. He faces a long list of problems left over from Kofi Annan's tenure in the position. In a speech after … Continue reading

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Somali Islamists Run Walk Briskly Away – Again

Untitled document The islamists who just the other day told the entire world – with a straight face – that they would never run from their enemies have once again departed. This time it is not at all apparent where … Continue reading

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