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Winter, Snow, Sunset, Colorado

Untitled document Who could ask for anything more? A very, very nice photograph, indeed. Tweet

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A Short Treatise On A Sticky Subject

Untitled document Today I had occasion to need an adhesive bandage. Many people call these “Band-Aids” which is, of course, incorrect. That name is a brand name, not the generic nom-de-booboo-cover. But I did need one, having managed to get … Continue reading

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Humanity’s First War

Untitled document A German archaeologist has discovered evidence of what he is calling "Humanity's First War". The excavation at the ancient city of Hamoukar in Syria has turned up thousands of clay balls used as ammunition. The city dates back some … Continue reading

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On Beds Made

Untitled document Cindy Sheehan led a group of people to disrupt a Democratic party press conference. The bed is all made up and now the Democrats get to live with it. For the fringe will even shout down their allies. … Continue reading

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Aliens In New Jersey!

Untitled document Word from the Associated Press that the aliens have begun bombarding New Jersey. We understand that this would normally not actually attract any attention, but this time they hit a house. FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP, N.J. – A metal, rock-like … Continue reading

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“Death Awaits You All With Nasty, Big, Pointy Teeth.”

Untitled document As Tim said in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Although this rabbit doesn't need sharp teeth. It can just sit on you. It's giant livestock day here in the Crabitat! Now we have seen these rodents of … Continue reading

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Now We Understand

Untitled document Just prior to Bulgaria joining the European Union, they were required to shut down two older nuclear reactors at Kozloduy in the Northwestern part of the country. The Bulgarians were kind of bitter about it since that had been … Continue reading

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A Blog Navy

Untitled document The only blogger to actually own a real, live destroyer. No, really. I am extremely jealous. I want one, too. Although a carrier would be even nicer. Tweet

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The Case Of The Missing Rhinos

Untitled document Authorities in Nepal report that a number of endangered Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros have gone missing from a nature preserve in Southwestern Nepal in recent years. The 72 rhinos had been relocated to the park starting in 1984 as … Continue reading

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Vegetable Oil: It’s Not Just For Health!

Untitled document It turns out it can be good for your freedom as well. OSLO, Norway – A Lithuanian held on suspicion of theft in an Arctic Norway jail slipped out of custody — literally — by stripping naked, smearing … Continue reading

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Modest Hero

Untitled document This guy deserves a medal. It was every subway rider’s nightmare, times two. Who has ridden along New York’s 656 miles of subway lines and not wondered: “What if I fell to the tracks as a train came … Continue reading

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Keller To Kill Public Editor Position?

Untitled document The New York Observer says that there is a very distinct possibility that New York Times executive editor Bill Keller may well end (or hamstring) the position of public editor when Byron Calame's term ends in May. Keller appears … Continue reading

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The Misuse Of Polls

Untitled document A very interesting analysis of polls, polling and the misuse of the same by Charles Arlinghaus appears in the New Hampshire Union-Leader today. It is short and well worth the time to read it. Polling about politics and public … Continue reading

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When Pigs Party

Untitled document January 1st officially ushered in the Year of the Boar in Japan (which follows the Solar calendar rather than the Lunar one). So it was obviously time for the wild boars to party. And they did, by attempting … Continue reading

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We Found Them!

Untitled document We have them now! We have located the source of the dreaded giant puppet heads! They are bred over in Taiwan and now Taiwan wants to export puppet chic to the world! Run for your lives. HUWEI, Taiwan … Continue reading

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