Humanity’s First War

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A German archaeologist has discovered evidence of what he is calling "Humanity's First War". The excavation at the ancient city of Hamoukar in Syria has turned up thousands of clay balls used as ammunition. The city dates back some 6,000 years.

"We have there the oldest example of an offensive war," said Clemens Reichel, who is leading an archaeological dig in the ancient city of Hamoukar, on the border with Iraq, for the University of Chicago.

Reichel said that the city, whose fortifications were three metres (10 feet) thick, was besieged and reduced to ashes probably by attackers from southern Mesopotamia.

Bashar Assad and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad immediately denounced the Zionist aggression against the peaceful inhabitants of Hamoukar.

UPDATE: Also found, according to McQ from Qand O, were the remains of the first politician. And he has the photographic evidence. Which you can't even blame on me. Really. I had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

Damn it.

UPDATE: Thanks to McQ for the link. Visitors, please do take a look around. I try to have an interesting mix of things around here. Once in a while, I actually succeed.

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