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Ectoplasmic Source Conjured

Untitled document The Associated Press, after six weeks or so, finally says it has confirmed – through Iraqi government sources – that the mysterious Jamil Hussein actually exists and is about to be arrested. Very good. Now we can stop … Continue reading

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Nothing Up My Sleeve

Untitled document Viola! Georgia suddenly reappears! We reported in December that A large number of communities in Georgis had suddenly disappeared. After less than a month, the Georgia Transportation Department has suddenly found those 500 communities! Sherlock Holmes would be … Continue reading

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Wild Night In Wisconsin

Untitled document This is the first formal photo caption contest Blue Crab Boulevard has run. We had to wait for just the right tasteful and thought provoking photograph, after all. It had to meet our exceedingly high standards. This one … Continue reading

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Calf With Two Faces Born!

Untitled document Sometimes even we can't make this stuff up. A dairy farm in Virginia has a new resident. A calf was just born that actually has two faces. (Picture at link while it remains active). The animal is normal … Continue reading

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Sometimes We Scare Ourselves

Untitled document Some people think we're actually joking around when we provide our vital coverage of the growing Animal Uprising™. We assure our faithful readers and the mental health authorities that we are completely serious. And sane. Really. We can … Continue reading

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As The Goalposts Recede Majestically In The Distance…

Untitled document The Influence Peddler examines the rapidly moving goalposts of Nancy Pelosi's much vaunted "first 100 hours". And they are approaching escape velocity at this point. 100 hours becomes 100 "legislative" hours, then morphs into yet another definition of … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad And The Bacon

Untitled document Yet another pigs gone wild story coming out of Britain today reports on more porcine pounding of people and pets. On the bright side it also has a heroine! A gritty, gutsy granny with an attitude! A grandmother … Continue reading

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When Cans Talk

Untitled document Generally speaking, up until now if canned goods began to talk to you, it would be considered a very good sign that it was time to stop drinking. However, some evil – and I really mean evil – … Continue reading

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Last Stand In Somalia

Untitled document Somalian government troops and Ethiopian forces report having about 600 islamist fighters completely surrounded. They are cutting off any escape routes and are promising to kill or capture all of the fighters. US Navy forces are assisting as … Continue reading

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Carpet Bombing Of Colorado Cows Commences

Untitled document National Guard troops have commenced bombing the cattle who have launched an assault on Colorado. The Animal Uprising™ is finally getting the attention of the authorities! We here at Blue Crab Boulevard can only heave a sigh of … Continue reading

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Shifting Blame

Untitled document Debra Saunders has an excellent column up over at Real Clear Politics that examines the reactions from some people to the execution of Saddam Hussein. The foolishness becomes apparent very quickly. Within hours of Saddam Hussein's hanging, the … Continue reading

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Hope For Somalia

Untitled document Rosemary Righter, writing in The Times of London, has a very well researched and written article on the state of Somalia today after the islamists set a land speed record for brisk walks. As she puts it, there … Continue reading

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Animal Escalation

Untitled document Not content with merely overrunning Florida, the Animal Uprising™ has decided to take over an entire continent. With the help of Human Quislings, they are attacking the very basis of the economy down under. That's right, they are … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage, Maximum Hype

Untitled document George Will examines the push for raising the minimum wage and makes a number of excellent points. Not that he believes that will change anything because for a number of reasons the fix is already in on this … Continue reading

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Turn Your Attention To The Center Ring

Untitled document I'm up on a tightwire One side's ice and one is fire It's a circus game with you and me I'm up on a tight rope One side's hate and one is hope But the top hat on … Continue reading

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