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You Say It’s Your Birthday

Untitled document It's my birthday, too – yeah. Blue Crab Boulevard went live on January 6, 2006 on Blogger. Here's the first post. Quoting myself: This Blog is a work in progress. I do not yet know where it is … Continue reading

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Drugs Kill

Untitled document Even the Animal Uprising™ is experiencing some problems with the ill effects of certain chemical substances on its minions. The evils of modern life are everywhere.    Many thanks to George for bringing this tragedy to my attention … Continue reading

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Hogzilla! Hogzilla!

Untitled document A really, really Enormous wild hog joins all the other huge livestock we've been reporting on around here lately. This one, however is no longer a threat – he's dead and hanging from a tree. 1,100 pounds worth … Continue reading

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Somalis Recover American Passports

Untitled document Dozens of foreign passports have been recovered from the bodies of islamist fighters who were not brisk enough while never running from their enemies. Several of the recovered passports are American, according to ABC News.  A senior official … Continue reading

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An Update On A Very Important Subject

Untitled document You'll all be happy to know that the state of Maine officially approves of Santa's Butt. No, really. They gave Santa's Butt a stamp of approval. The decision to let Shelton Brothers sell Santa's Butt Winter Porter and … Continue reading

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A Fleet Of Dug Out Canoes

Untitled document That is how a senior British Naval officer is describing the Royal Navy after word came out that the fleet will be cut in half. At one time the most powerful and feared navy in the world has … Continue reading

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A Heartwarming Tail*. Or Is It?

Untitled document In one of those stories that is supposed to make you feel all warm inside, today the AP is reporting on a lost dog who was found. Now this sort of thing doesn't normally make it to the … Continue reading

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Camel Carnage Confounded

Untitled document Another Animal Uprising™ plot was foiled by alert German authorities. Apparently the guards at the Hanover Animal Jail (they keep using the euphemism "zoo") got wind of something involving the camels. And not the usual thing camels are … Continue reading

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New York Hero Week Continues

Untitled document Close on the heels of Wesley Autrey's saving a man in the New York City Subway comes word of yet another courageous action to save the life of another. This time, the rescue occurred above ground. About four … Continue reading

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“What Better Way To Start A New Year….”

Untitled document "….than saving a life?" Those are the words of Wesley Autrey, the man who jumped onto the New York City subway tracks to save the life of Cameron Hollopeter on Tuesday, January 2, 2007. He spoke those words … Continue reading

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Salmon School Skips Slammer

Untitled document An enormous number of salmon operatives of the Animal Uprising™ have escaped from the network of Norwegian salmon prisons in a scaly imitation of The Great Escape. Of course, the salmon managed to slip a few more of their numbers out … Continue reading

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A Primer On What Ethics Reform Really Looks Like

Untitled document McQ over at QandO takes a look at what real ethics reform would look like. It does not resemble, in any way shape or form, the "reforms" being pushed by Nancy Pelosi. This really will not be a big … Continue reading

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Ethiopians Offer To Help Islamists

Untitled document Directly related to the previous post, detailing a call by al Qaeda's huge number two for Somali islamists to kill themselves, the Ethiopian Army is offering to help right away. They are preparing an all-out assault on the … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda To Somalis: Kill Yourselves

Untitled document Al Qaeda's big number two, Ayman al-Zawahri, has issued a plea to Somali islamists to kill themselves as quickly as possible. He also urges foreign islamists to join in the fun. CAIRO, Egypt – Osama bin Laden's deputy has … Continue reading

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A Brief History In Snark

Untitled document Daniel Henninger from the Opinion Journal offers up a brief, yet utterly snarky, history of ethics in Washington. It is absolutely hysterical and also spot on. All the high flown rhetoric coming from Nancy Pelosi about ethics reform … Continue reading

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