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What A Genocidal Government Looks Like

Untitled document To many in the West these days, America is the villain. They scold at every turn, pretty much no matter what we do as a nation. They decry our foreign policies. They moan about our efforts at globalization. … Continue reading

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Nuclear Option

Untitled document The Times of London is reporting that Israel is drawing up plans to use nuclear weapons on Iranian nuclear facilities. They also report that Israeli Air Force squadrons are actually already in training for the mission. ISRAEL has … Continue reading

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Roman Road Found

Untitled document Archaeologists in the Netherlands have made an exciting discovery. A Roman road has been found near the city of Utrecht. Once part of a system of military roads long known to have been in the area, it has … Continue reading

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Poll Dancing and Potatoes

Untitled document Well, if you take away someone's livelihood, you probably shouldn't be surprised if there is some political fallout. The state of Maharashtra in India, which includes Mumbai, closed hundreds of "dance bars" in a morality campaign in 2005. … Continue reading

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Going Medieval

Untitled document If your high school yearbook allows you to submit a picture of yourself posing wearing something that reflects your interests and hobbies, isn't that a good thing? So an Eagle Scout might want to pose in uniform, a football … Continue reading

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Bucking Conventional “Wisdom”

Untitled document Something I have said a number of times is that America could have won the war in Vietnam. This has provoked howls of outrage from the usual suspects who flap over to deposit their regurgitation of conventional wisdom … Continue reading

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Hawaii Announces Plan To Invade Micronesia

Untitled document Ok, it isn't actually an invasion. More of one heck of a nice gift to honor the man who has revived the ancient art of Polynesian navigation. Two outrigger canoes will sail from Hawaii to Micronesia using only … Continue reading

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Sharp Increase In Moose Muggings

Untitled document While we're all for suppressing the Animal Uprising™, we aren't sure that Utah's strategy of mugging moose is an effective way to combat the insurrection. After all, moose, being moose, have no pockets and therefore carry nothing worth … Continue reading

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Alien Bombardment Confirmed

Untitled document Updating an earlier post, scientists confirm that the object that hit the house in Freehold Township, New Jersey did come from outer space. Of course, the authorities are also trying to say it was just a meteorite and … Continue reading

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UN Peacekeepers In The Spotlight

Untitled document Responding to reports in the Telegraph, the UN has admitted that it has investigated 319 individuals in the past three years over abuse allegations. Most of these involved sexual abuse in one form or another. To their credit … Continue reading

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It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mahmoud

Untitled document Michael Burleigh examines what drives Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran. It is a disturbing picture at best. Having an Iranian leader who happens to believe it is his duty to promote an apocalypse isn't a real comforting situation for … Continue reading

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Power Surge

Untitled document The Washington Post has an article today about resurgent interest in nuclear power around the world. Despite the fact that even the New York Times has recently noticed the reality that wind power is not a cure-all, the Post quotes … Continue reading

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The Problem With The Neighbors

Untitled document It just isn't easy living next to some people. Sometimes you get a noisy neighbor who has loud parties. Sometimes you get one that appears to be assembling a very large collection of dead vehicles. Sometimes you can … Continue reading

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Let’s Rewrite A Headline, Shall We?

Untitled document Let's do what the AP does and rewrite headlines to reflect certain points of view, shall we? Just as an exercise, of course. Rasmussen Reports has the following shouting headline: Pelosi: 43% Have Favorable Opinion of New House … Continue reading

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