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“Second To The Right And Straight On Till Morning”

Untitled document Those words are, of course, from that great children's classic, Peter Pan by JM Barrie. They are the charming, timeless directions to find Neverland. Many folks will always remember this story as it was interpreted by Mary Martin … Continue reading

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We Are Sorry, Sir, But You Have Been Plutoed

Untitled document I simply cannot wait until I hear that phrase spoken at an airport. The American Dialect Society has decreed the word "plutoed" to be its Word of the Year. They are the same folks who enshrined "truthiness" last … Continue reading

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Ruminations On A Shotgun

Untitled document Years ago, I took firearms training as part of a job I had just taken – that is another story entirely and I won't go into it right now. But the training was to familiarize the new employees with … Continue reading

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False Syllogism

Untitled document The Anchoress has a post up about the ongoing Jamil Hussein/burning mosque/six burning Sunni controversy. As she puts it, there is a pissing contest going on between the left, the Associated Press and the right. Frankly, the left … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart Goes On Offense

Untitled document Wal-Mart has apparently had enough of the union led campaign of Democratic presidential hopefuls beating on them at every opportunity. They are going direct to the people with television ads designed to counter the offensive against them. Up … Continue reading

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Oh, This Will Be Fun To Watch

Untitled document Microsoft and Ford Motor Company proudly unveiled a brand new software system for cars. The aim of the new "Sync" system is to bring the connectivity of a computer to an automobile. The "Sync" system allows drivers to make … Continue reading

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Good News

Untitled document Whooping cranes are making a strong comeback. Although the flock numbers only about 237, that is one heck of a lot better than the 15 or so it was down to not many years ago. I actually remember … Continue reading

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Just Another Day In The Worker’s Paradise

Untitled document Just don't give the kid a toy. The Cuban government is decrying the rise in "consumerism" of parents giving their kids toys on "Three Kings Day", January 6th. It accentuates social differences, don't you know. In a two-page spread, … Continue reading

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Wool Gathering

Untitled document Mark Steyn is discussing sheep today in the Chicago Sun-Times. The result is both funny and chilling. As always, Steyn makes you think. As part of this column's ongoing commitment to in-depth coverage of the issues that matter, … Continue reading

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Forget The Dead Vote!

Untitled document Chicago, long reputed to be the world capitol of dead voting rights, has an even bigger and better program in place now! Forget the dead vote, that's passé. The new hot thing for dead people in Chicago is … Continue reading

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A New Cuba

Untitled document Venezuelan president (T)Hugo Chavez is now picking fights with the Organization of American States. It seems that OAS Secretary-General Jose Miguel Insulza criticized (T)Hugo's taking away broadcasting licenses from independent television stations. (T)Hugo is pitching a fit. OAS … Continue reading

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Still More Bad British Bacon

Untitled document Even though the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or RSPCA is in a state of denial about it, the fact is that British bacon is going bad at an astonishing rate. The Animal Uprising™ … Continue reading

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The Sobbing Crocodiles – Round Two

Untitled document You see the crocodile tears all too often these days. When it is politically expedient even the worst people will be embraced and wailed over. So it is with those wailing over the hanging of the monster, Saddam … Continue reading

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The Democrats Big Chance!

Untitled document The Democrats in the Congress have a chance to show real leadership and to solve one of their biggest problems all at once. That's right, they really can make a difference. As they found out just the other … Continue reading

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On The Other Foot

Untitled document William Saletan, writing in an op-ed in the Washington Post, delivers one of the most elegant slams against the left that I have seen in a long time. This is brilliant and quite devastating. The subject is the … Continue reading

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