French Prison Cuisine

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Inmate. It's what's for dinner.

PARIS, Jan 5 (Reuters Life!) – A French prisoner who killed his cellmate "very probably" ate some of the victim's body parts, a prosecutor in the northern town of Rouen said on Friday.

The victim's body was discovered in a prison cell on Wednesday, with a large wound to the chest. The alleged killer, who shared the cell, told investigators he had removed and eaten his victim's heart.

Investigators initially discounted the possibility of cannibalism after the victim's heart was "found intact in its usual place and in its membrane which was also intact," Rouen state prosecutor Joseph Schmit said in a statement.

There were, however, other bits missing and unaccounted for. I wonder if the diner had some fava beans and a nice chianti to go with dinner. (Oh boy, am I gonna hear about this one from my daughter-in-law!)

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