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Senator Johnson Improving

Untitled document South Dakota Senator Tim Johnson has had his condition upgraded from critical to fair. Truly remarkable progress and great news for him and his family. Johnson is breathing independently after using a ventilator for several weeks, most recently … Continue reading

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You’re On Your Own, Ted

Untitled document With much cheering and high-fiving from the left, Ted "Mind If I Drive Your Daughter Home" Kennedy introduced his Cut the American Troops Off at The Knees bill of 2007. Senate leaders promptly kicked Teddy under the carpet … Continue reading

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Is The AP Really Doing This?

Untitled document If the information the Curt at Flopping Aces is correct, the Associated Press may have a real, serious issue with it's credibility that actually goes well beyond the original issue of the veracity of the report of six … Continue reading

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I Got Five Bucks

Untitled document That says this project does not work out. TORONTO – Why not release a giant banana in Mexico so it can fly over Texas? That's a Montreal artist's reason for releasing a 985-foot banana-shaped airship into the sky … Continue reading

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You Can Never Let Go

Untitled document “We have been screaming about this conflict for 30 years now,” Henry said as he dealt himself a hand of Solitaire from a deck of cards in his pocket. “But no one ever listened to us. Not until … Continue reading

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Well This Is Odd

Untitled document I didn't post about it yesterday, but a fairly large number of birds were found dead in Austin, Texas. They closed off part of town to deal with it. The Chicago Tribune reports that the number of birds … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye To Hollywood

Untitled document Movin' on is a chance that you have to take Any time you try to stay – together Whoa Say a word out of line And you find that the friends you had Are gone forever Forever So … Continue reading

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Foiled Again

Untitled document An attempt by the Animal Uprising™ to infiltrate the US Navy submarine base at Bangor, Washington, was foiled over the weekend. A gray whale attempted to gain access to the facility. Area residents spotted the carcass Saturday on … Continue reading

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NYC Officials: Secaucus Reeks

Untitled document In what is really quite routine in the New York City – New Jersey region, City officials are pointing fingers at New Jersey as the cause of the stink that hit Manhattan yesterday. New Jersey officials are pointing … Continue reading

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False Choice

Untitled document The New Hampshire Union Leader has an editorial pointing out the obvious absurdity of Nancy Pelosi's posturing on the Sunday morning talk show circuit. They call the attempt to nuance support versus surge a false choice. Sending an … Continue reading

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Down Under Goes Down

Untitled document Loyal readers know that we here at Blue Crab Boulevard have spent a lot of time trying to raise human's awareness of the deadly Animal Uprising™. Despite visits from the mental health authorities and subsequent difficulty typing while … Continue reading

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Japan Forms Defense Ministry

Untitled document For the first time since the end of World War Two, Japan has a defense ministry. The government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has been pushing for the reinstitution of the ministry as well as for requiring the … Continue reading

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Still More About Venezuela’s Budding Dictator

Untitled document The Washington Post has an article about (T)Hugo Chavez's announcement that he would be nationalizing telecommunications and electricity in Venezuela. There is even more to it than the AP reported yesterday. Chavez has also purged loyalists from his … Continue reading

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