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Untitled document Howard Fineman spoke with all the confidence of a pundit with an attitude. I never interviewed the guy in 1987 or at any time in 1993, and I have never seen him, in public or private, look less convincing, yet more … Continue reading

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Live From Baghdad

Untitled document It's not Saturday Night. But it is Hot Air. In our short time here we have talked with privates, NCOs and officers across a spectrum of duties and assignments on several bases performing a range of missions, and … Continue reading

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Untitled document Having now read the speech, which I was not able to watch for a very good reason, I really think it did a good job of describing the situation and, more importantly, the consequences of failure. There were … Continue reading

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Do You Feel Like You’re being watched?

Untitled document Have you got that creepy feeling that you are being watched all the time? Are you feeling that tingle down your spine like when you bite down on a Popsicle stick? Are you afraid that maybe you're going … Continue reading

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Break Every Rule

Untitled document Sorry, I have not one single bit of sympathy for this guy at all. Former Democratic candidate for the House of Representatives from Ohio, Paul Hackett, chased down the car that had hit a fence on Hackett's property. … Continue reading

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New Strategy

Untitled document The White House has posted a fact sheet of the main points of the President's new way forward in Iraq. Will it work? We can't afford to lose, so it has to. The President's New Iraq Strategy Is … Continue reading

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“America Cannot Afford To Fail.”

Untitled document The words of a senior administration official talking about the contents of President Bush's speech tonight. One of the things I think the administration has done very badly is to communicate the need to succeed in Iraq. According … Continue reading

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Move It, Liz, That’s My Palace

Untitled document Were you wrongly deprived of your family business? Did ruthless foreign competition eliminate your position? If you think so, English Heritage wants to hear from you. They're looking for the heirs of Edgar Aetheling. Advertisements appearing this week … Continue reading

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She’s Leaving Home

Untitled document Wednesday morning at five o'clock as the day begins Silently closing her bedroom door Leaving the note that she hoped would say more She goes downstairs to the kitchen clutching her handkerchief Quietly turning the backdoor key Stepping … Continue reading

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Crazed Connecticut ‘Coon Cuts Loose

Untitled document The Raccoon overlords of the Animal Uprising™ have unleashed their disease-infested minions on the unsuspecting citizens of Connecticut. The murderous, rabid beasts are attacking innocent people trying to enjoy a quiet evening out on the porch. Fortunately, the … Continue reading

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More About Australia’s Surrender

Untitled document We were the first to bring the sad news that Australia had surrendered to the Animal Uprising™. Part of the surrender terms included putting people on display at the Adelaide Zoo. Another portion of the agreement apparently involves … Continue reading

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Untitled document CNN Reports that a Somali official has confirmed that a wanted senior al Qaeda official was killed by the US AC-130 airstrike on Sunday. Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was wanted in connection with the 1998 bombings of two US … Continue reading

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Romney Has Backbone

Untitled document Mitt Romney has come out with a very succinct statement of support for winning in Iraq. Score one for the former governor of Massachusetts. Boston, MA – Governor Mitt Romney, in direct consideration of the proposed increase in … Continue reading

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Big Lies, Big Losses

Untitled document Michael Goodwin writes in today's New York Daily News about what is and is not a mandate: Even a blatant lie, if repeated often and loudly, can be mistaken for the truth. So it is with the claim … Continue reading

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(T)Hugo Chavez And The Great Leap Backward

Untitled document The Washington Post takes note of the announcement by (T)Hugo Chavez that he would nationalize the telecommunications and electricity sectors of the economy. It is a grim assessment of what is to come for the people of Venezuela.  The flurry of … Continue reading

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