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Tidal Wave

Untitled document Oh, please. The Associated Press is doing it's all-out level best here but their article really fails the stink test. They write an approving article about the huge wave of anti-war protests "across the country". And then they actually report … Continue reading

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Explosion At US Embassy In Athens, Greece

Untitled document This is flash traffic, not much detail. There has been an explosion at the US embassy compound in Athens, Greece. No word on how big, where in the compound or on any casualties. It was not clear what … Continue reading

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Get On The Good Foot

Untitled document James Brown and a BMW Movie Series Commercial that is rather entertaining. Crazy talk.   (Get on the Good Foot, live) Video link via the Hotline's Blogometer. Tweet

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Was It Or Wasn’t It?

Untitled document There has been a lot of storm and fury today about reports that American forces raided an Iranian "consulate" in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil today. A lot of people have weighed in on this already. The … Continue reading

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About Cleaning Up Congress

Untitled document You really have to read this live blogging transcript to get the full flavor of what happened in the Senate over earmark reform today. A capsule summary: Senate Democrats are trying – very, very desperately – to kill … Continue reading

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Your Tax Dollars At Work!

Untitled document The Democrats of the House of Representatives: Fearlessly exposing Klingons in the White House! But not the real Klingons like on TV.   (H/T to AllahPundit for the video.) Tweet

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The Boar Of The Baskervilles

Untitled document A tale of the Animal Uprising™. Inspired by real life, honest. Baskerville Hall – on the outskirts of Dartmoor, January 10th. MY DEAR HOLMES: My previous letters and telegrams have kept you pretty well up to date as … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time….

Untitled document …There were two drunken idiots who decided that it would be fun to try to break into a building and steal things. Now, this sort of thing happens all the time, but most idiots, even when in a … Continue reading

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Untitled document With so many members of the House of Representatives, I certainly have not heard all all of them, much less be conversant in all of their positions. So, I have never heard of Jim Marshall, Democrat from Georgia. … Continue reading

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Still More Resignations From The Carter Center

Untitled document Fourteen members of the advisory board to the Carter Center at Emory University have resigned in protest over Jimmy Carter's execrable new book. This is a very public punch in the nose for Carter and should tell people … Continue reading

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Does It Matter More What You Want….

Untitled document …Or more what you don't want? Polimom, writing over at The Moderate Voice articulates the choices and her decision. Dick Durbin tells us that Americans want out, and he knows this because the Democrats won the majority in … Continue reading

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I Only Have Eyes For You

Untitled document Due to popular demand – well, okay, nobody actually demanded (or even hinted at) anything, but it sounds better than "because we had too much time on our hands" – we have obtained an updated photo of the coins … Continue reading

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Now We Understand

Untitled document We have been assiduously following the story of the alien bombardment of Freehold, New Jersey. Up until now, we had not really understood the full ramifications of what the aliens were doing with this offense. New details have … Continue reading

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The Opposite Tack

Untitled document I mentioned the Washington Post editorial about the new plan for Iraq earlier. To take a look at a completely opposite view, here's what the Times of London has to say about the "surge" and the alternatives, especially … Continue reading

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The Vaunted Checks And Balances On Full Display

Untitled document The Washington Post article I linked earlier pedantically pontificated upon the vaunted journalistic checks and balances that the media holds itself to. No, really. Stop laughing like that, you'll hurt yourself. They were apparently quite serious. (To be … Continue reading

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