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Untitled document The Keepers Of The Doomsday Clock® plan a major, major, really huge announcement to move the hands of the much-loved-by-the -media clock hands forward to 32.75399125 nanoseconds to midnight. Or thereabouts. Oh, and incidentally launch their new website. … Continue reading

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Human Shields

Untitled document Michael Totten has another report from his visit to Southern Lebanon. This time he visits a Christian village that was used by as cover by Hezbollah during the war. He reports that when the villagers wanted to leave, … Continue reading

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Mount Soledad – Finally Resolved?

Untitled document Jay at Stop The ACLU has the details of what may be the final round in the insanity over the Mount Soledad war memorial. This decades old battle over the cross on Mount Soledad in San Diego has … Continue reading

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Before There Was An Animal Uprising™……

Untitled document ™……..There was Dixie Chicken! Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett from Little Feat, performing it live in 2003. (Massive file warning. Best to start the video and then pause it to let it load before resuming. It's worth the wait. Can … Continue reading

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Nifong Asks To Be Removed

Untitled document Durham, North Carolina District persecutor Mike Nifong has asked the state's Attorney General to take over the dropping of all charges in the Duke lacrosse rape charges. It isn't exactly phrased that way, but that will be the … Continue reading

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Canadian Cruelty

Untitled document The Canadian government's harsh treatment of an illegal immigrant from the United States is a matter of more than a little concern. The arrogant Canadian government has subjected the immigrant to confinement ever since he was captured trying … Continue reading

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Reid Folds

Untitled document This is very, very funny. The Republican backed amendment to the ethics reform bill in the Senate appears to have been accepted. Harry Reid got smoked on this one. With this CQ article ($), it seems like this … Continue reading

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World Gone Mad

Untitled document Or at least part of it. In Britain, two brothers were taken to court, found guilty and given three year conditional discharges for "causing unnecessary suffering to an animal." Their crime? Feeding their dog. David and Derek Benton, … Continue reading

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Imperious Pelosi Rankles Rangel

Untitled document The New York Post reports some trouble in paradise just one week into the new Congress. It seems Charlie Rangel is not at all happy with some of Nancy Pelosi's decisions lately and is more than willing to … Continue reading

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North Koreans And Giant Rabbits

Untitled document Representatives of the government of North Korea have purchased a number of German Gray Giant rabbits from a German rabbit breeder. This is the the same man who we have posted about before, so longtime readers know all about … Continue reading

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Lessons From New York City

Untitled document Rudy Giuliani and Newt Gingrich (what's up with that combination?) have an op-ed in today's Opinion Journal. Just as Giuliani managed to turn around an ailing city by addressing fundamental quality of life issues, they recommend addressing the … Continue reading

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Fundamental Redesign

Untitled document Daniel Henninger's Wonder Land column in the Opinion Journal is one of my weekly must reads. So it is this week as well. Henninger digs  beyond the soundbites and naysayers to the plan to help stabilize Iraq. He points … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time – Part Two

Untitled document We really never thought there would be a competition for the Double Reverse Hansel and Gretel Memorial Criminal Mastermind Award®. But then, we forgot the one basic rule of the universe: never underestimate the power of human stupidity. … Continue reading

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Prussian Porkers Prevail

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard are sorry to have to report that part of yet another country appears ready to fall to the minions of the Animal Uprising™. This time it is the German state of Lower … Continue reading

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Missing The Real Story

Untitled document Whether through indifference, cluelessness or as part of a deliberate attempt to suppress the real truth, the media continues to ignore the reality of the Animal Uprising™. So stories like this one from Florida that keep turning up … Continue reading

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