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Everyone Needs Water

Untitled document Even if it's in the form of a song. Hot Tuna performing Water Song.   Tweet

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Untitled document Good Lord. If all of this is true, Nancy Pelosi may have just committed a political blunder of positively biblical proportions. Reports are circulating that Pelosi's husband owns substantial amounts of stock in Del Monte corporation. (So does the … Continue reading

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Untitled document I am actually reluctant to blog about certain things actually happening in Iraq for a number of reasons. Obviously, I have personal reasons for that reluctance. In this case, I think I really need to write a bit … Continue reading

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What To Do?

Untitled document If you're born into a wealthy family and have never held a job. If you spend your life reading and listening to music. If you happen to be a reclusive bachelor with no heirs. What do you do … Continue reading

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State Agrees To Take Case From Nifong

Untitled document The Attorney General of North Carolina has agreed to take over the so-called Duke rape case. Durham district persecutor Mike Nifong, a man with his own verb named after him as a result of the case. Durham County District … Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Untitled document So it's past time to think warm thoughts. How about a little Subtropical Stomp? Bob Brozman heats things up.   Tweet

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Sale Of A Wife

Untitled document ON Wednesday evening last, in the Grass-market, Mary Mackintosh was brought down about six o'clock by her husband, for the purpose of being sold. Her crime was drunkenness and adultery. She was held by a straw rope tied … Continue reading

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Untitled document The Opinion Journal takes a look at the report issued by the House Government Reform Committee on the theft of classified documents from the National Archives by Sandy "Socks" Berger. It is not a flattering report for either … Continue reading

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Bearing Bad News

Untitled document Police in Medford, Oregon allowed a scout of the Animal Uprising™ escape, apparently through some sort of misguided sense of compassion. The 400 pound black bear was wandering around performing a reconnaissance of the Eastern part of Medford. … Continue reading

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Norwegian Reindeer To Begin Tunneling

Untitled document Reindeer in Norway are set to begin tunneling soon with the help of a self-appointed human "ambassador". That's right, a human is assisting the Animal Uprising™. The state is working on a new Highway 7 over Hardangervidda, but … Continue reading

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The Great California Cold Rush of ’07

Untitled document Yep, there's cold in them thar hills. The Governator has declared a state of emergency in California due to "extreme" cold temperatures. Why it got all the way down to 35° F overnight in Los Angeles. Ok, all … Continue reading

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The New York Junk Science Diet

Untitled document Paul Howard, a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute's Center for Medical Progress, writes an op-ed in the Washington Post today that dismembers the New York City ban on trans fats. He calls it the equivalent of a … Continue reading

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