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Demon Rum, Demon Owl

Untitled document A foul fowl from the Animal Uprising™ has taken it upon himself to go after demon rum and those who indulge in it. The nocturnal nightmare is going after people who visit pubs in the town of Middlesbrough in Britain. … Continue reading

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Have A Little Faith

Untitled document I just got off the phone with my son. One of the wonders of the modern world is that I can actually talk with my boy even though he is so far away serving his country. It wasn't … Continue reading

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A Thing Of Beauty Is A Joy Forever

Untitled document This is. (H/T AllahPundit) Tweet

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The Must Watch Video For The Media

Untitled document At least one honest reporter right now who realizes that there is a massive – truly massive – problem in media coverage of the war in Iraq. The UPI's Pamela Hess flat out says that the country is … Continue reading

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Ear Candy

Untitled document I've been busy with the "real" world today, so posting has been unusually light for me. Here's just something catchy to listen to. Aimee Mann with That's Just What You Are.   Tweet

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Decline And Fall Of The Royal Navy

Untitled document The New York Post takes a look at the impending reductions in the strength of the already weakened Royal Navy. It is a pretty grim assessment. If the cuts are carried out, Britain will no longer have a … Continue reading

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A Skeptic’s Support

Untitled document Michael O'Hanlon from the Brookings Institution has an op-ed in today's Washington Post in which he argues that even though he has doubts about the possibility that the "surge" will help, Congress should still not try to block … Continue reading

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Cerca Trova

Untitled document Or seek and you shall find. An art sleuth is hot on the trail of a lost masterpiece by Leonardo Da Vinci that may very well be hidden in a cavity behind a later mural. The "Hall of … Continue reading

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Visiting The Past

Untitled document Today's Washington Post has a nostalgic look at Florida's rapidly vanishing tourist traps. Those still struggling to survive in the face of the Disney Goliath are places many people remember from years ago: Cypress Gardens, Weeki Wachee, places with … Continue reading

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Bolton On Ban

Untitled document In today's Washington Post, John Bolton takes a look at the new Secretary General of the United Nations and sees both hope and peril for the new leader. When Ban follows his own instincts, he appears to have … Continue reading

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Untitled document This post has been removed to avoid a threatening visit by an almost famous cable television personality® who's show is seen by virtually hundreds of viewers each month. We certainly don't want to end up fired from our … Continue reading

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