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Gates: Iran “Doing Nothing To Be Constructive “

Untitled document I was a bit concerned when Robert Gates took over as Secretary of Defense. His earlier history indicated that he might be willing to consider talking to Iran. He is, however, exceeding my expectations in that regard. Not … Continue reading

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Untitled document Fidel Castro is reportedly in extremely grave condition. MADRID, Spain – Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro is in "very grave" condition after three failed operations and complications from an intestinal infection, a Spanish newspaper said Tuesday. The newspaper … Continue reading

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Two Words

Untitled document Tonight, I made supper for the family. A very simple meal, Salisbury steak, broccoli with cheese sauce and French fries. Not exactly a culinary masterpiece, but serviceable, relatively tasty and, best of all, quick. With about three minutes … Continue reading

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We Can But Hope

Untitled document The Guardian has a story today that indicates the Iranian president Mad Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may be in a wee bit of trouble at home in a political way. It seems that his former ally, the supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei, … Continue reading

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Diplomat: Castro’s Stuffing Falling Out

Untitled document Reuters is reporting that Fidel Castor's problem is not cancer but that his stitches won't heal. According to the source, Castro was rushed to surgery 7 times in one day in December to deal with the embroidery problem. The diplomat, … Continue reading

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Thank Heavens Our Politicians Are Serious

Untitled document Yes, indeed, we should all give thanks for the serious, prudent, thoughtful and judicious politicians we are graced with in this great nation of ours. Why without them, we'd never resolve the really important issues confronting America. Like … Continue reading

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More Crocodile Tears

Untitled document I don't really recall ever reading any Associated Press stories delving into the minutiae of the methods used by Saddam Hussein to murder hundreds of thousands of people. I don't recall an overly large amount of coverage into … Continue reading

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Preemptive Banning

Untitled document We here at Blue Crab Boulevard are dismayed to learn that Saudi Arabia is reportedly considering banning the letter 'X' because, they say, it resembles too closely the Christian cross. Or at least that is what the New York Sun … Continue reading

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Australia Pays Tribute

Untitled document Australia, having capitulated to the Animal Uprising™, proving their obedience by putting people in cages at the Adelaide zoo as well as opening a penguin dating service, now have another duty to fulfill to the animals. Australia is now paying tribute … Continue reading

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Untitled document Samuel "Sandy" Berger, come on down! You're a word! Bwahahahaha. Tweet

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Science Education In Russia

Untitled document A second year biology student did his level best to level his dormitory at Moscow University. Well, ok, he actually just damaged himself, the building is fine. But he's in a hospital after a little home science experiment … Continue reading

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Goats Gone Wild

Untitled document The village of Lynton in North Devon is under siege. Despite elaborate defenses erected by the town council, the invaders are sneaking in and raiding the cemetery. That's right, the goats are ghouls. A £40,000 cattle grid may … Continue reading

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Iran’s “Managed Chaos”

Untitled document Phillip Sherwell, writing in the Telegraph, looks at Iran's operations inside Iraq. The report shows that there is a major problem  there. And Iran is causing an awful lot of the trouble. The recent raids against some Iranian … Continue reading

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Clotheslining Hillary

Untitled document Salena Zito, writing in the Pittsburgh Review-Tribune, points out a rather obvious point. Ted Kennedy's preemptive introduction of a bill to deny funding for additional troops in Iraq has put Hillary Clinton into a box. Zito doesn't believe … Continue reading

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A Warning Repeated

Untitled document Peter Brown, who is the assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, has a bit of cautionary advice for the politicians in Washington playing politics with the troops in Iraq. He repeats something that Bill Clinton said … Continue reading

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